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V4 Region Bosses gameplay

Hey guys! We have a thing going with Nexon’s MMORPG V4, with a few videos covering different topics. This one is all about that bass… I mean, that boss, or bosses, in fact. Region bosses are one of the most wanted features of any MMO, and this one is no exception. The V4 region bosses provide cooperative raid events where up to 300 players show their combined strength and cordially strive for the tempting rewards. If you want to take down a colossal reaper of death or a fiery devil from the pits of hell while supporting us just as Nexon did for this video, download the game using the link in the description.

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V4 has a handful of region bosses that spawn once every day exactly on the hour. Clicking the devilish icon in the top left corner opens up a popup showing you the available bosses and all the important info, such as spawn times, location, recommended combat power, and the loot that you may get for your trouble – there is some epic gear that should keep you coming back for more. Since some bosses may show up in one of multiple locations, you must take a wild guess and hope that you’re in the right spot. You’ll only get to battle two bosses each day if you’re lucky and brave enough, and there are harder versions of the normal Syllunas bosses to be found in the realm of Lunatra.

Obviously, the loot that you earn is directly tied to the damage that you cause on the boss. This is a traditional contribution system that shows the percentage of damage inflicted by each player, with better ranked players earning the best loot. The region bosses are also part of tons of achievements, so it’s advised that you spend a bit of your day making one or two of them bite the dust.

This is easier said than done because each boss comes with its own attack pattern. You can leave your character on auto if you are absolutely confident that your combat power is way above the recommended value, which can be deceptive, and you have several dozens of players around to deal massive damage. However, manual control is the wisest move if you don’t want to waste a significant number of health potions. Most bosses have wide attacks due to their massive size, and they can stun or knock you down, not to mention the devastating blows that could drain most of your health in the blink of an eye.

V4 Region Bosses Gameplay

Baktar and Dinuks will be your two first region bosses, but things get more interesting as you fight Ruskal, the gigantic forest dragon-bird hybrid. It’s not a very agile creature, but it makes up for that shortcoming with its tail attack and by casting some dangerous lightning bolts.

Artuman is a much stronger and impressive foe, a lava demon that burns, smashes, and crushes everyone standing on his path. Try to learn its patterns so that you try to evade when he is preparing to deal a huge blow.

I’ll end this overview with a frightened and respectful look at Falvinia, the Frozen Dread. With a recommended combat power of 251 thousand for the normal version, this is quite the challenge. Don’t mind me as I watch stronger players slowly draining her health away, since my character really isn’t up to this fight just yet. Falvinia moves around, twists and twirls, all the while one-shotting every player with a lower than expected combat power.

Well, talk about biting more than you can chew. Region bosses are a great way for you to get some cool loot, so keep an eye out for their spawn times. The V4 download link is in the description if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot and let me know if you have defeated Illusory Falvinia, who comes a recommended combat power of 454 thousand. Good luck to us all, we’re going to need it.

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