Vindictus Achel Launch Impressions and Exclusive Coupon Code

Vindictus Achel Launch Impressions and Exclusive Coupon Code

Welcome to a new video celebrating the release of the latest Vindictus character, the 23rd for the classic MMORPG from Nexon. It’s been quite a ride since this game launched in 2010, with a constant output of new classes, the latest one being Achel, our focus for today. Since he made it into the game recently, there are some great events with tons of prizes for every player, and we also have an ex clusive Vindictus coupon code for you guys to grab some extra in-game goodies. If you haven’t tried Vindictus yet, you definitely should as it paved the way for many MMOs – check the download link and more information in the video description.

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Before discussing more on Achel, here’s a quick recap on Vindictus. This is a free-to-play action MMORPG with a couple dozen characters or classes to play with, featuring a fast-paced and easy to use combat system. There are many combos to learn and spells to use, and each character may be easy to control, but mastering it is another story entirely. Despite being solo-friendly for the most part, you have all the options you need to create a party, join a clan, and raid some of those impressive bosses. In terms of graphics, it holds up fantastically, especially the great-looking and diverse characters. Customization is extremely deep, with plenty of sliders to adjust the face and body, and countless cosmetics to unlock and use, including things to completely change the look of Achel, the new kid on the block. Just take a look at how different and original you can make your character in Vindictus.

To mark the new release, all players logging in with Achel will get a celebratory package containing the following: an Outfit Set Destiny Box, the Title: The First Achel, Unlimited Inner Armor Pass for 30 Days, and a Storage Chest Expansion Ticket. The outfit set includes the Blazing Summer Casual Jacket Set and Fresh Summer Casual Jacket Set. You can only claim this gift at level 10, something that will happen in less than an hour, and until September 19.

This is but one of several Vindictus events taking place this summer, with another one being the Golden Time Event. Running until October 24, this event will reward players with many items and boosts during weekdays and weekends, with slight differences between each. New players also get many items to ease levelling up. As you can see, there’s plenty to earn.

After a succession of female characters, Achel arrives to break the pattern. The last male class was Kael, an ex-knight wielding a sword staff, providing some impressive wide-sweeping swings. His look is one of a noble warrior, but Achel is more of a ferocious and rebel wanderer, one that fits the bad boy description.

Achel’s gear of choice is a combination of Hasta and Grand Targe, which are a spear and shield respectively. This gives him a decent range, normal for characters using this type of weapons, but Achel excels at this, being faster and more effective, not to mention the ability to use the shield also as an offensive weapon.

At the beginning, Achel is naturally deprived of most of his skills. However, after a few hours, you will get to explore some of his potential, as he showcases his ability to stab consecutively, but also to execute wide slashing arcs. The athleticism is visible, the shield bashes imposing, the jumping to land on an impressive stab something to admire. He’s a bad boy alright, with the speed to match and the skill to throw his spear from a distance coming handy.

I’m going to highlight some of Achel’s skills right now, for those who want a better picture on what he can do:

Storm of Steel – Achel performs consecutive stabbing and slashing attacks with the Hasta. He can also leap a short distance at a desired moment to dodge enemy attacks while inflicting great damage across an area.

Roots of Antaeus – Achel stomps his foot, unleashing an “Adrenaline Spike.” While he is not easily exhausted while burning through his adrenaline, and can perform devastating spear attacks. He can also spend all his Adrenaline Spike to combo into “Wild Swing,” a slashing attack that instantly rushes at an enemy.

Downfall – Achel quickly charges towards an enemy, leaping up high and striking down like lightning. As the Hasta pierces the ground, a powerful explosion occurs across the surface, applying a short stun effect.

Total Destruction – Achel's suppression skill features a powerful stab which suppresses his foe, followed by a ruthless combination of spear and shield attacks that pummel them without mercy.

Now it’s time for our exclusive Vindictus coupon code. Everyone above level 10 will be able to redeem it, but it is limited to the first 4000 people doing it, so don’t waste any more time. It also expires on September 30, 2023, but in this regard there’s a bit of time to claim it. The coupon code is now displayed on the screen, “FREEMMO2023VINDI” and the redeeming instructions are the following: reach level 10, open the Supply Depot option on the bottom right, click Enter Coupon and insert the code we shared with you, then redeem. The reward will show in your inventory, use it to earn VIP Service for 3 Days and 10 Goddess Grace items, which revive you to full health. Enjoy it!

That’s Achel in a nutshell, the 23rd character coming to Vindictus. Don’t hesitate to give him a try, either as a new or veteran player, with all the cool events and gifts happening right now. Check the link in the video description and have fun stabbing monsters.

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