Why you should play… Scarlet Blade

You probably heard a lot about Scarlet Blade (Queen’s Blade Online in its original form) already, and mostly with words such as ‘boobs’ or ‘p0rn’ next to it. But you’re still wondering if you should actually play this game? We’ll give you five reasons to definitely play it.


To be a real hater

If you’re going to tell everyone that this game is shit and is blatant p0rn and was designed by perverts then you should at least have some facts to properly back those words up. It’s like talking trash of Harry Potter or the Twilight saga without even seeing a few minutes of any of those movies. So if you want to badmouth Scarlet Blade, take a few minutes of your time and actually play it. See how much it really offends you. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually change your mind.

It’s a solid MMORPG

By this we’re not saying that it’s good. We’re just saying that it checks all the necessary boxes in the MMORPG genre. There’s a (limited) character creation system, quests, some witty dialogue, combat, vehicles, varied environments, PvP and so on. If it’s boring or not, that will be up to each player, but there’s definitely a game behind the shameless cleavage.

The over the top sexuality

It’s a game with an all female cast with exaggerated shapes and not too much in the way of dressing. While you can always see some interesting female characters in games such as Vindictus or Tera Rising – that can easily be as sexualized as in Scarlet Blade –, this is a game completely focused on the female body. But you have to take it for what it is – a caricature depiction of women that should arouse you as much as any character from Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive. Otherwise, it would be very weird.

You can turn into a mech… with boobs

It’s always cool to control some kind of vehicle in a game, but in this case we get to transform into a mech. The thing is that these are mechs that reflect the owner’s personality… or better, the breast size. This means that you can get a glimpse of your character in the frontal armor of the mech, which is quite disturbing at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Where are the ‘real’ girls?

It’s a game inside the game. With no male character to select so far – the Korean version already has one, the Chaser – this is a game where everyone is a girl. Or should we say everyone is playing as a girl? The likeliness of 99% of the playerbase being dudes is incredibly high, but there are actual girls playing this game. It’s true, we’ve seen some of them, they’re real and actually defend the game against the ‘sex sells’ stigma. So the bonus game is finding a real girl playing Scarlet Blade, which isn’t an easy task by all means. That should be quite an achievement, to be honest, so good luck!


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