Aika Online

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Developed by JoyImpact, the same studio behind Neo Steam and published by Gala-Net, from Rappelz and Flyff fame, Aika Online is an extremely ambitious free MMORPG with some impressive features, focused on warfare. The idea is to put the MMO back in MMORPG by offering enormous battles that can reach numbers such as 1000 vs. 1000 players.

A handful of nations are at war and the player has to choose the one that suits him the most. Some go for fair and square tactics, trying to win but never resorting to dirty moves, while other nations prefer pure warfare, are driven by a blood thirst, among other mentalities. The classes also offer some different skills to go along with the usual visual customization.

In a game such as Aika, it’s important to be part of a guild, but those looking for a faithful companion need to get a Pran’s attention. Prans are magical creatures that stay with us and help in quests and combat.

Although Aika Online features some very rich PvP modes, it’s not exclusively a multiplayer experience, since solo players may also take part in over 1,000 quests spread along more than 15 territories, all with a gripping storyline to support this.

Aika is a good MMORPG that offers great visuals and several qualities, earning quite a few awards from the press. Those looking for a superior free MMO game need to try Aika Online.

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