THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Rappelz is a successful free MMORPG that has seen quite a few updates over the years, adding new lore and content, but also improving the visuals to keep up with the times.

Initially there is a choice of three races (Gaia, Deva and Asura), but these spread themselves over 15 different classes. Just like in other free-to-play MMO games such as Fly For Fun or Ragnarok Online, there’s no predefined character path to follow, since that will be chosen once we reach level 10, and further down the line it’s possible to choose our orientation. The character evolution system is very detailed and we can easily define the orientation of our avatar.

This is a game mostly focused on monster bashing that will please both casual and core players alike, featuring a clean interface that is easy to grasp for those who already played a MMO. It’s easy to use the different combat options and there are several pets to help us during battle, which we can level up and train, upgrading their abilities.

Rappelz still manages to stay up to date, given the fierce competition, and is one to try, along the likes of other similar free MMO games such as Shaiya or Last Chaos.

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