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DokeV game download and release date PUBLISHER: Pearl Abyss | DEVELOPER: Pearl Abyss
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Upcoming 2021 (PC and consoles)

DokeV is the creature-collecting MMO from Pearly Abyss, the talented studio responsible for Black Desert Online. Showing a drastic shift from the serious tone of its first game, this is a cute cartoon MMO where you are going to collect Dokebi, fantastical creatures that live among us. However, only you and a few select persons can see them, thanks to special glasses that reveal the truth and the whereabouts of these whimsical beings. You collect Dokebi and use them in combat, and the creatures are said to grow and increase their powers from people's dreams.

As you can see, DokeV sets itself as a valid alternative to Pokemon and Temtem, but it brings a few tricks to the battle. First and foremost, Pearl Abyss' new proprietary engine looks amazing, and the DokeV gameplay that was initially revealed is mouth-watering. The open world that is right at your feet seems impressive, crafted in a cartoon art style that easily beats many animated movies.

Entering the rich and detailed world of DokeV is an offer that seems impossible to refuse. This is a game that seems geared at kids, but it is in fact aimed at every age group. The goal clearly is to get parents and kids playing together and enjoying this MMO in a way that few other creature-collecting games are able to convey.

Furthermore, DokeV comes with a housing system that will let you create and decorate your dream house. Buying furniture, choosing the wallpaper, and trying on different costumes are all side activities that will entertain you when you're not on the lookout for Dokebi to strengthen your squad.

The DokeV release date is set for 2021 on PC and consoles. However, a beta test is planned for 2020 and should give us a taste of these fluffy creatures.

DokeV gameplay trailer

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