DokeV Release Date | When is the creature collecting MMO releasing?

DokeV Release Date

One of the big games that Pearl Abyss is working on is called DokeV. Unlike its biggest successes to date, and also the only games yet released from the studio – Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile – DokeV is a family friendly open world action adventure. Initially revealed as an MMO, it took a turn during development. Aiming for a casual gameplay that both adults and kids can enjoy, this cute game follows the creature collecting template set by Pokemon. But what is the DokeV release date?

DokeV Release Date and Platforms

DokeV was officially revealed in November 2019 with a stunning trailer comprised of in-game footage, alongside the MMORPG Crimson Desert and  shooter Plan 8. It's as cute as it can get, with kids running around an open world city and wearing their glasses to see the magical creatures known as Dokebi.

Running on Pearl Abyss' new proprietary engine, DokeV has all the makings of a next-generation game. The first DokeV gameplay footage released included a lovely night scene, with a car zooming by and a few bystanders looking around under a bit of rain.

Pearl Abyss has revealed that the DokeV platforms are PC and consoles mainly, with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as inevitable, but PS4 and Xbox One remain a mystery. A DokeV mobile release was under consideration at one stage, but likely a mute point by now.

DokeV Release Date

According to a 2022 earnings report, Pearl Abyss is now aiming for a DokeV release date during 2024, after evaluating market conditions. We'll update this guide when we get new info so that you can look forward to another creature-collecting game to rival with the hugely popular Palworld.

To register for the beta and updates, you just have to go to the official website and sign up.

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