Drift City

GENRE: Racing | THEME: Cartoon
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown (March 2016)

A cel-shaded style free racer that incorporates role-playing game elements into a racing game environment, Drift City allows users to customize their cars with various components and performance parts to enhance their driving and assist them in completing their race and missions.

The storyline for Drift City takes place in the near future, where the world’s infrastructure has been hampered due to global shortages of oil. The focus of the world has turned to the remote archipelago in the Pacific at Mittron Island where an amazing natural resource, aptly named Mittron has been discovered. Due to an influx of vehicles called HUVs that have invaded the island to terrorize and disrupt the city and economy, the governing body of the island, the OMD has called in elite drivers from around to world to restore order.

Players can play in Mission Mode and complete objectives assigned by the OMD. Missions vary in their objectives and stipulations with some requiring speed while other missions emphasizing safety. Delivery Service Missions is ongoing and a battle of the clock. In the Battle Zone, players can take on other drivers in individual or team races. Join up with friends or create your own Crew and race against other teams. Completing your missions or racing in the Battle Zone will earn you in game currency called Mito and Experience points which you can use in the Driver Dome. At the Driver Dome, players can check out new cars at the Dealership, the Parts Shop for performance upgrades or to the Garage where you can store your vehicles. Drift City also includes an Auction House to purchase or sell car and parts that you no longer need.

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