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KurtzPel info PUBLISHER: KOG Games | DEVELOPER: KOG Games
GENRE: Fighting, MMORPG | THEME: Anime
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta (Early Access)


KurtzPel is the latest game from KOG Games, makers of Elsword and Grande Chase. Once again the focus is fighting, but it is now taken into a full-3D environment with a third-person perspective.

Kurtzpel is built mostly around the PvP aspect, but a PvE campaign is also included in this game. The dazzling and colorful anime graphics will immediately capture the players' attention, but it is the fast-paced and energetic gameplay similar to games such as SoulWorker and Kritika Online that will be the main appeal. There is also one interesting feature that is going to take Kurtzpel into the realm of action games for skilled players, and that is the dual-wielding combat system. Each character is able to switch between two weapons at any moment, something that will depend on the appropriate approach for the different kinds of AI enemies or players.

With looks and combat depth, Kurtzpel could make for 3D brawlers what Elsword did for 2D platform fighting games.

KurtzPel gameplay video


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