Runes of Magic

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Taborea, the main territory of Runes of Magic, is a place filled with mysteries and adventurers embarking in many quests, including the slaying of the Demon Lord. This is one of the most played free MMO games, featuring a huge diversity of missions, items and characters. There are over 1000 quests to be accomplished, accompanied by a consistent and unremitting storyline, all integrated into an engrossing background narrative. Regular updates bring new content to Runes of Magic and grow even more the already huge world.

Runes of Magic features a dual class system with eight primary classes to choose from, and a secondary class to round things up. There are several aspects that turn this game into one of the most referenced, such as versatile combat, a dynamic item system with hundreds of runes to use, various mounts, crafting, housing, guild houses, auction house and a reputation system. PvP is also part of the game, with individual arena battles and guild wars.

With three chapters and counting, it’s no coincidence that Runes of Magic is a surefire MMORPG and features a huge playerbase all over the world. The mechanics are familiar and work wonders, there are several distinct classes, a vast game world and great visuals. It may come as no surprise that this free MMO is constantly compared to World of Warcraft, but that can only be seen as a compliment to the qualities of the Runewaker Entertainment game.

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