Second Life

PUBLISHER: Linden Lab | DEVELOPER: Linden Lab | GENRE: Social
THEME: Real Life | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Second Life is probably the most famous example of a real life simulator, a virtual world game of incredible proportions that even includes a currency named Linden Dollars that can be converted to real world dollars – and there are a lot of people making a living out of Second Life!

Second Life offers way more than other free-to-play virtual world MMOs such as IMVU or Ourworld due to the almost unlimited array of possibilities it offer. It may sound like a cliché, but those willing to spend a lot of time in the game will be capable of seeing beyond the usual barriers and offer something out of the ordinary. You’re capable of fully customizing your 3D avatar, from the look to the clothes, even creating your own objects or opening your business inside the game. And if you come up with a successful idea that the other players enjoy and support, there’s no telling where it may take you. If you’re thriving in Second Life, it may reflect in your real life bank account!

Second Life has so much to see and do that it can be interpreted in two ways – as a world that can be explored and interacted with for fun, or as a more serious virtual world with many possibilities on offer. Either way you choose to see it, this is rightly considered as a landmark in the history of gaming.

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