Victory: The Age of Racing

PUBLISHER: Vae Victis | DEVELOPER: Vae Victis | GENRE: Racing
THEME: Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Victory: The Age of Racing is a futuristic free to play online racing game published and developed by VaeVictis.

In Victory The Age of Racing the year is 2062; 50 years have passed since the Great Devastation, when the world was changed forever. As the global weather patterns continued to shift, and great swathes of land were destroyed by natural disaster, food became scarce. By December 21st, 2012, society had imploded. The global economy had collapsed, and war broke out amongst the nations over the remaining resources and habitable land. Within five years, society had been reduced to nomadic tribes – survivors of those dark times. Man had fallen from their lofty position in the world’s pecking order.

These days, we’ve regained much of what was lost, but one thing that was never lost was our love of the open road. Today, society has rebuilt itself around this passion – we live to race. The world has awoken to a simpler time – now, there are no destinations, only journeys. This is the Age of Racing. Prepare for Victory!

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