Winning Putt

winning putt

PUBLISHER: Bandai Namco | DEVELOPER: Webzen
GENRE: Sports, Golf | THEME: Anime
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Winning Putt is a free-to-play golf game with MMORPG elements and anime graphics. You can create your character, customize his or her appearance and watch his stats evolve as you improve your skills and use more advanced clothing and accessories – you can even enchant your clubs for better performance and use skills to face some difficult situations on the course. See as your character goes through experience levels and rises through the leaderboards.

Winning Putt launched into public testing with seven courses that can be played during day and night, rain or shine, and there are plans for releasing a fantasy course, an extraterrestrial at that. As far as visuals go, it's CryEngine and the golfers look like they could fit in any standard Korean MMORPG with anime visuals, as you're bound to see plenty of cute girls with big chests, boob physics included, and miniskirts, as you would see in games such as TERA, Aion, or Vindictus. They're serviceable, but far from outstanding.

Considering the lack of games of this genre in the free-to-play market, Winning Putt is a welcome addition and offers some quality.

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