Alchemy Stars CDkey Codes List | Free Coupon Codes (July 2021)

Alchemy Stars CDkey Codes

Updated July 10, 2021 | Alchemy Stars (play free on PC here) is a new RPG with a hero collector spin from giant Chinese studio Tencent Games. You enter a fantasy anime world as a part of the Aurorian civilization in a long-lasting battle against the evil and mysterious forces of the Eclipsites. Roaming the dangerous lands in a relic called the Colossus, you unlock and level up areas of this mammoth such as the cafe, lounge, bar, and bridge, and assemble a strong and diverse team ready to take on the dark creatures. The turn-based battle system makes for a nice change from other similar games, requiring your tactical intervention for the best results, but casual players have an auto-combat feature ready to be used. You'll need some help to fight the good fight, and that's where this Alchemy Stars CDkey codes list comes in.

Alchemy Stars Codes List

Alchemy Stars CDKey codes

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Tencent seems to be extremely committed to pleasing gamers, because they have released the first Alchemy Stars coupon code several weeks before the game's official release. Coming with the Alchemy Stars express and mimicking a train ticket, the Cdkey can be redeemed for a host of items as soon as the game launches. Alongside the expected pre-registration rewards, every fan should receive a few cool rewards to get started.

This is the list of Alchemy Stars CDkey codes that we'll update whenever we discover a new release.

  • theseed (redeem for x2 Anonymous Gift II, and x5 General Jasper I)
  • alchemystars (redeem for various rewards – expires June 17, 2021)

We'll keep scouring the web for new Alchemy Stars codes, namely the game's official social media, giving us all new means of fighting the Eclipsites. If you discover a valid code before we do, list it in the comments and we'll add it to this guide.

How to Redeem Alchemy Stars Codes

Claiming your Alchemy Stars codes is surely going to be an easy process. You just have to go to the CDkey redeem option and enter your working code, carefully double-checking for mistakes and spaces.

Follow the instructions below to redeem your Alchemy Stars gift pack codes:

  • Launch Alchemy Stars and complete the tutorial
  • In the main screen with your secretary, tap Store on the bottom right corner
  • Tap Gift Packs on the bottom left corner
  • Enter your CDkey and redeem your rewards.

Alchemy Stars will be available worldwide for download on Android and iOS.

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