Arc the Lad R Codes List | How to Redeem Serial Codes (July 2021)

Arc the Lad R Codes and Redeem Guide

Updated July 3, 2021 | Arc the Lad R is a strategy RPG for Android and iOS that just released in English. It was developed by Boltrend, the same studio that made Disgaea RPG, both hero collector games featuring a coupon code system to redeem some valuable free items. Set in a world after Arc the Lad II, this new game is based on the popular console franchise that has millions of fans worldwide. Various mechanics combine to create a compelling tactical combat experience, with role-playing and adventure aspects as well, resulting in a mix that is at its best in classic Japanese RPGs. Your adventure will improve tenfold when you use our Arc the Lad R codes list and earn a few free in-game items and currency to help you out.

Arc the Lad R Codes List

Arc the Lad R Codes

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Released in English during May 2021 and earning praise from players, Arc the Lad R features dozens of characters that you can level up as you go. When you boost their power, leading man Halt and his team will face tougher challenges with improved confidence. But you should definitely use the Arc the Lad serial codes below to gain that edge over the competition.

  • ARCJULY (redeem for Spirit Stones free x100)
  • ECfwk (redeem for Spirit Stones x100)
  • ARCScionStorm (redeem for Spirit Stones x200, 50K Goz)
  • Rjusn (redeem for Spirit Stones x100 – expires June 12, 2021)
  • ARCFB001 (redeem for 4-Star Character Gacha Ticket)
  • ARCDC001 (redeem for Spirit Stones x200)

Don't forget to redeem the codes as soon as you lay your eyes on them. They may expire in a few days or weeks, and most of the time you don't have a way of knowing when a valid Arc the Lad R code will stop working – it could be the expiration date or a limited number of player redeems that is at stake here.

Furthermore, always type the coupon codes as they are visible in the list above. Some games disregard capitalization, but others are case sensitive, which means that you can't neglect a capital letter. That would make the code invalid instantly.

How to Redeem Arc the Lad R Codes

The screen that you can see above is the place where you must go to claim the Arc the Lad R redeem codes. Any player used to mobile and gacha gaming should know the process instantly, but others may not be as familiar with it. That's why the step-by-step instructions below will tell you how to claim the codes.

  • Launch the game and play until you have full control
  • Tap the Settings button (gear icon) on the top right corner of the screen
  • In the new Menu, tap the Serial Code button
  • Input your valid Arc the Lad R code and claim the rewards!

You can download Arc the Lad R from the Play Store and App Store. If you like tactical RPGs with Japanese flavor and a gacha element to them, then this is a good choice for you.

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