Arcana Tactics Coupon Codes List (April 2021) and Redeem Guide

Arcana Tactics Coupon Codes Guide

Updated April 5, 2021 | Arcana Tactics is an anime strategy RPG for Android and iOS. It can also be called a hero collector, a genre that is becoming increasingly popular among mobile players. Published in March 2021 by Gamevil for global audiences, this game features extremely cute hero artwork for the hero display, while chibi characters are used during battle. While combat is automated, you can choose the way that you deploy your hero party before the battles begin by assigning each one to a specific square. There is a hero fusion system as well, allowing you to turn weaker heroes into hulking powerhouses. You earn new heroes as you play, but you can also recruit many more by using the summon feature, a.k.a. gacha. You can use our Arcana Tactics coupon codes to earn extra crystals for the summon system, among other items that will surely be very useful down the road.

List of Working Arcana Tactics Coupon Codes

Arcana Tactics Codes List

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Without further ado, find the list of Arcana Tactics codes here. We'll add new codes as the developers release them, usually to mark some events, milestones, or as compensation for server maintenance.

How to Claim Your Arcana Tactics Coupon Code Rewards

Arcana Tactics Coupon Code Redeem Guide

There are a few ways for you to collect your free Arcana Tactics rewards. One of them is within the game itself by using its comprehensive coupon code redeem system (one of them, at least), and the other one is by clicking a specific link outside of the game. Be careful with the latter, because it won't be surprising to see fake links abound, especially if ArcanaTactics becomes a hit.

Clicking real withhive links is entirely safe, since this is the same system that is used to redeem promo codes in Com2uS' successful hero collector Summoners War: Sky Arena. By the way, you can find Summoners War codes here as well. This so-called coincidence happens because Gamevil, publisher of Arcana Tactics, acquired Com2uS in 2013.

But that's enough history lessons. Follow the steps below to learn how to redeem Arcana Tactics codes.

First Method – Link (iOS)

This approach should be used when you are given an official link by the developers, and is the only iOS redeem method. If you can't reward the code by entering it inside the game, then follow the steps below.

  • Install Arcana Tactics
  • Finish the game's tutorial
  • Tap the withhive link
  • Follow the instructions to collect your reward
  • Redeem your reward from the in-game mail

Second Method – Promo Codes

You can try this Event method to redeem the first codes, and eventually other codes. For some reason, this Promo Codes approach is somewhat hidden, to say the least. Remember to just type the last section of the links as the code, in case the code was originally distributed as a link.

  • Install Arcana Tactics
  • Finish the game's tutorial
  • Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner
  • Go to the Info tab
  • Tap NEW
  • Under Event, tap the huge Enter Your Promo Code Here banner
  • Type your coupon code (last part of the link) and tap Enter

Third Method – Coupon Codes

In case you get a Coupon Code that has all the makings of being redeemable inside the game, this is the approach that you should take. This is how all regular – so to speak – codes should be redeemed in the future.

  • Install Arcana Tactics
  • Finish the game's tutorial
  • Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner
  • Go to the Info tab
  • Tap redeem code
  • Enter your Coupon Code and tap Confirm

Arcana Tactics codes are not case-sensitive and can only be redeemed once per account. Pay close attention to expiration dates so that you can get your rewards in due time.

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