Summoners War Codes 2022 | Full List of Promo Codes (September 2022)

Summoners War Codes 2020

Updated September 13, 2022 | Summoners War (play free on PC) is the hugely popular turn-based RPG for mobile devices released by Com2Us in 2014. Also known as Summoners War: Sky Arena, it amassed a huge worldwide following thanks to its easy to use mechanics and compelling hero collecting aspect. With over 1000 creatures of different types to collect, there is a lot to see and do. Settling for a team of five units isn't an easy task given the huge selection at your disposal. If you're just starting out, it doesn't hurt if you have some Summoners War codes ready to give you a boost, so let's look at the latest Summoners War promo codes for 2022, and a few older keys as well that may still be working.

How to Redeem Summoners War Codes

Summoners War Codes

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Some of the following Summoners War Promo Codes are only available during a limited period, so it's normal to find that a few of them have expired. Other codes may have a longer lifespan and come in handy to boost your units in different regards. Among the rewards you'll find crystal, scrolls, energy, mana, and more.

To redeem your Summoners War promo code, you must do the following:

  • Run Summoners War.
  • On the main screen, tap on the Event icon that is located in the top right corner, right below your crystals.
  • Choose “Game guide”, scroll to the bottom, and tap on the “Enter your promo code here” banner.
  • Type the promo code exactly as it is shown and tap “Enter”.
  • Go to your gift box and tap “Collect”.

If everything went according to plan after redeeming a code, you should see a message saying “The coupon code has been redeemed.” However, you may also get a few errors that may or may not be solved.

If you get a message saying that the promo code you entered does not exist, double-check the code and make sure that you are typing the correct letters and numbers. Beware of zeros and o's, as switching these will surely result in incorrect codes.

Playing with a guest account won't allow you to redeem codes, so log in with your existing Summoners War account or create one. There are several ways to do so, which include signing in with your Facebook or Google account, or creating a new Hive account under settings.

Some codes may have expired, so if you are absolutely sure that you have typed the correct code and it isn't being accepted, scratch that code and move on. In other situations the code cannot be used because of a network issue. Check your connection and if everything is fine, including the game's servers – watch out for planned or unscheduled maintenance.

Summoners War Codes | Promo Codes Released in 2022 and Before

Summoners War Codes

The list of Summoners Wars codes below includes many promo codes that were deemed valid. However, some of the codes are most likely not working by the time you read this, and for many different reasons: one code may have been offered in a limited event, so it may have expired by now; others may be limited by number of claiming players.

Nonetheless, there is surely something below that is going to give you a hand, and we'll keep adding new codes as they are released. Note that the monthly codes can only be used during the respective month. Check the known Android and iOS Summoners War codes for 2022 below:

  • sw2022sep90 – redeem code for x1 Water Scroll – NEW!
  • sweetcookie – redeem code for x3 Mystical Scroll – NEW!
  • swcwillbback (IOS: – redeem code for x120 Mystical Scroll
  • rockwithswc2021 (IOS: – redeem code for x200 Energy, x200000 Mana, x200 Crystals
  • perfectpickanyone (IOS: – redeem code for x5 Mystical Scroll
  • sw2021nov12 (IOS:
  • letsfetzeu2021 (IOS: (redeem code for x100 Energy, x100000 Mana, x50 Crystals)
  • allezleurope21 (IOS: (redeem code for x50 Energy, x200000 Mana, x50 Crystals)
  • susueucup1023 (IOS: (redeem code for x1 Wind Scroll)
  • omataseapac21 (IOS: (redeem code for x50 Energy)
  • apacgazua (IOS: (redeem code for x1 Mystical Scroll)
  • sw2021oct01 (IOS: (redeem code for x1 Water Scroll, x1 Wind Scroll)
  • swplay2gether / iOS: (redeem code for x3 Mystical Scroll)
  • sw2021dec23 (IOS:
  • sw2021sep93 (IOS:
  • sw2021jul71 (IOS:
  • SW7THTK887 (IOS: – redeem for x1 fire scroll)
  • sw2021may58 (IOS:
  • sw2021jun69 (IOS:
  • sw2021aug82 (IOS:
  • sw2021apr47 (IOS:
  • sw2021mar36 (IOS:
  • sw2021feb25 (IOS: – 1x fire scroll)
  • sw2021jan41 (IOS: – 1x mystical scroll)
  • hohohoinvocateurs (IOS:
  • sealegendhere (IOS:
  • 2021newseason16 (IOS: – 2x mystical scroll, 100x energy)
  • farewell2020year (IOS: – 2x mystical scroll, 150000 mana)
  • 1jl9yck39wa6jzbz (IOS: – 1x mystical scroll)
  • kamun1211 (IOS: – 1x mystical scroll)
  • swctakeho (IOS: – 100x energy, x100000 mana)
  • summoningathome (IOS: – 1x mystical scroll)
  • SW2020DEC89 (IOS: – 3x mystical scroll)
  • swcwillreturn (IOS: – 5x mystical scroll)
  • lostcenturiacbt (IOS: – 1 elemental scroll each)
  • staynplaysw (IOS: – 200k mana, 100x Energy, 200x Crystals)
  • swc2020daebak (IOS: – 100x Energy, 100k mana)
  • cuatworlds20 (IOS: – 100x crystals, 1 water scroll)
  • megaswc2020 (IOS: – 150x Energy, 1 water scroll)
  • 2020tournoiswc (IOS: – 300k mana stones, 1 water scroll)
  • pobkaneucup (IOS: – 3 wind scrolls)
  • SWC2020AINI (IOS: – 100 energy, 50 crystals, 100k mana)
  • shobuapac20 (IOS: – 50 energy, 50 crystals, 200k mana)
  • 2getherswc2020 (IOS: – 50 Energy, 300k Mana)
  • nazoubuxie (IOS: – 50 crystals, 1 ms)
  • bishengswc (IOS: – 150k Mana, 1 ms)
  • laotie666 (IOS: – 100 Energy, 1 ms)
  • HAPPYLTS14 (IOS: – 1 Water Scroll, 1 Fire Scroll, 1 Wind Scroll, 100 Energy)
  • LETSWATCHLT14 (IOS: – 150,000 Mana Crystals, 1 Mystical Scroll)
  • summonfighter (IOS: – 1 Fire Scroll)
  • swc20207777 (IOS: – 100x Summoning Stone, 1 Mystical Stone)
  • nihaoswc2020 (IOS: – 100 Energy, 100K mana)
  • OUCHISWC2020 (IOS:
  • HISASHIBURISWC (IOS: – 50 Stones, 100k mana
  • SWC2020KAIMAKU (IOS: – 100 Energy, 1 MS
  • quizfire (IOS: – Fire scroll
  • quizwater (IOS: – Water scroll
  • quizwind (IOS: – Wind scroll
  • theshift (IOS: – 2 MS
  • swdevilmon (IOS: – Devilmon
  • SW2020JAN85
  • SW2020FEB43
  • SW2020MAR91
  • SW2020APR67
  • SW2020MAY20
  • SW2020JUN16
  • SW2020JUL49
  • SW2020AUG82
  • SW2020SEP53
  • SW2020OCT71
  • SW2020NOV64 (IOS: – 50 Scam Stones)
  • W96J094SU3
  • MJ3AO73M
  • 50SWCAC50
  • SW2019SEP40
  • 20SWCSALU19
  • 50DANKE50
  • SW2020HELLO
  • SUMMON2020
  • 2020SUMMON
  • SW2020JAN85

We hope some of these codes were working by the time you tried to claim them. Keep an eye out for this guide as we're going to update it with new Summoners War promo codes. On a related note, are you excited for the MMORPG Summoners War Chronicles?

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