Best Upcoming Wemix P2E Games

Best Upcoming Wemix P2E Games Legend of Ymir

Wemix is the most popular Play to Earn platform right now, for better and for worse. WeMade’s blockchain gaming platform is growing rapidly, with games such as Mir4 and Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict generating a lot of interest and quite some token transactions to boot. However, it’s not all fun and games, as they usually say, and keeping track of the best Wemix games isn’t an easy task. In this article we’re going to show you the Best Upcoming Wemix P2E Games.

Legend of YMIR

Legend of YMIR Global Launch

Legend of Ymir may be a few years away, but it is the most promising game of the current selection already announced for Wemix, and we couldn’t leave it out of the list. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and promising an evolution of the concepts and blockchain mechanics found in Mir4, Legend of Ymir is shaping up to be a true next-generation Play to Earn MMORPG.

For those wanting to learn a bit more about Legend of Ymir, this game is trying to take the basics of Mir4 and transpose them into a North European fantasy setting, or more specifically a Norse mythology universe. PvP and siege battles will be included as well, and judging by the first tech demo, it will be interesting to see this game running on mobile phones. Still, Mir4 didn’t look half bad, so there’s hope that Legend of Ymir shines as well.

Pre-register to download Legend of Ymir: not yet available

Token: TBA

Dark Eden M

Dark Eden M

Dark Eden M isn’t a truly new game, and sadly this seems to be a trend with Wemix, at least for the moment being. This is a remake of the PC original dating from 1997 and if you know your gaming history it shows, as it looks terribly dated. This mobile version is in development for a few years now and we’re inclined to believe that the blockchain elements were added in order to make the game suited for Wemix and more appealing to this specific segment of the market.

The timeless war between slayers and vampires is the heart of Dark Eden M, but what most players want to know is how they can get their hands on DEBCO, the token supporting this game. You can do this by collecting Rank Medals that you earn by completing race missions or killing a player from the opposing race. The details are slim, but you can use this medal to upgrade your rank or to exchange for DEBCO, in the traditional dilemma brought by P2E games: should I level up or cash out?

Pre-register to download Dark Eden M: Android | iOS

Token: DEBCO

Crypto Ball Z

Crypto Ball Z

Apart from the terribly silly name, Crypto Ball Z is an adaptation of Hero Ball Z, and that name wasn’t great either. Crypto Ball Z is developed by Joycity, another company that is betting everything on Blockchain gaming and Play to Earn, having to its credit the wargame Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

In this hero collector RPG shooter, we’re going to control characters that like to save the world dressed as any Power Rangers would. But what matters here is that you have auto-play, offline play, and Herostone, the in-game resource that you can farm and trade for the HERCO token. It’s this token that you can send to your Wemix wallet and trade for real money. There are various ways to farm Herostone, from completing missions and achievements to drone mining.

Pre-register to download Crypto Ball Z: Android | iOS

Token: HERCO

Blade: ReAction

Blade: ReAction is something of a well-kept secret at the time of writing. Rumors say that it is a reworking – one more – of a previously existing game, allegedly Blade 2. The game itself is a decent hack and slash and probably not one of our first choices for a Play to Earn game, but we can see it working due to the inclusion of multiplayer content such as guild sieges, arenas, and the like.

Pre-register to download Blade: Re.Action: not yet available

Token: ACT2CO (tentative name)

Four Gods

There weren’t many happy faces around when Four Gods released in 2021 in some select Asian regions. Developed by a Vietnamese company, it was dispatched by many players as a generic MMO with a focus on auto-play and cash shop purchases. Despite some visual similarities, Four Gods seems to be far from the quality of the likes of Mir4.

Still, we’ll give this rebrand called Four Gods on Wemix a chance. Hopefully some of the mechanics were finetuned and the inclusion of the Play to Earn aspect resulted in a different outcome. To earn in Four Gods, you must farm the in-game resource called RedGem (then exchange it for the LUX token) most notably in two places: the Collecting Dungeon and the Departed Tower. You can already guess the amount of players (and bots, sadly) flocking to these places.

Pre-register to download Four Gods: Android | iOS

Token: LUX

Every Farm

Farming in games usually is a relaxing and carefree adventure, quite different from reality. In the case of Every Farm, it’s bound to be even more stressful with the addition of cryptocurrency, as you compete with other players to earn the in-game resource Heart and then exchange it for the FLERO token.

Forget leisure times in Every Farm and get ready to sit back and patiently watch your crops grow, as this is the usual management game where you must stare at timers during most of your sessions. Is the promise of crypto enough for you to endure the waiting times? It’s up to you to decide.

Pre-register to download Every Farm: Android | iOS

Token: FLERO

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