Legend of YMIR Global Launch | Is Wemade’s MMO Coming to NA and EU?

Legend of YMIR Global Launch

After the global acclaim of Mir4, Wemade has a spiritual sequel in the works called Legend of YMIR. While the stories are independent, both games share many mechanics such as siege wars and even the inclusion of blockchain elements, namely NFTs, so YMIR is bound to appeal to the same player base. However, the Asian mythology of Mir 4 is replaced by an exciting Norse mythology setting, so it should appeal even more to western players, especially those who love MMOs drenched in fantasy tropes. But we're getting ahead of ourselves: is a Legend of YMIR global launch actually planned at all?

Legend of YMIR Global Launch | YMIR North American and European Release

Legend of YMIR Global Launch

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Let's get it out there: it would be incredibly silly if Wemade Entertainment wasn't aiming at the global markets with YMIR. This game looks like a dream for fans of anything related to Thor, Odin, or even The Lord of the Rings, purely on an epic fantasy comparison. With the strong reception of Mir4 and many players looking forward to the studio's evolution of the concept, there's a potentially huge player base eagerly waiting out there.

Thankfully, this is going to be a reality. Unlike other developers, Wemade didn't waste any time and already confirmed that a global release is planned for Legend of YMIR. This “representation of the Mir series with a Nordic worldview” is coming to North America, Europe, and surely other regions as well, including South America, if Mir4 is anything to go by.

The Legend of YMIR global release was announced right when the game was officially revealed in January 2022. Wemade is planning to launch a global one-build version featuring cross-platform play, which means that you can play either on PC, Android, or iOS with players using a different platform.

Wemade could be planning a YMIR simultaneous global launch, or release the MMORPG in domestic territory first (South Korea). They expressed that they're leaving this decision for later, when the time for release approaches.

Developed by Wemade XR using Unreal Engine 5, Legend of YMIR is upping the ante on graphical quality, while remaining accessible for players using an Android or iOS device. It will feature blockchain technology, including NFTs, just as Mir4 did.

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