Blade & Soul 2 Release Date | Global and Korea Launch Info

Blade Soul 2 Release Date

NCSoft's fantasy MMORPG Blade & Soul was very successful and spawned a series of spin-offs. These encompassed mobile card battlers, the revamp for mobile devices called Blade & Soul Revolution, the browser-based Hongmoon Rising, and more. And let's not forget about the Unreal Engine 4 remake of the original PC game which is due this year in North America and Europe. It's definitely a lot to digest, even more with the announcement of the official Blade & Soul 2 game, the sequel that many players have been expecting for years. We are finally closing in on the launch, so let's delve deeper into the Blade & Soul 2 release date.

What is the Blade & Soul 2 Release Date?

Blade Soul 2 Release Date

That is a great question that you ask. According to Korean media, there is a belief that the Blade & Soul 2 release date is set for March 2021 in Korea. Since the pre-registration for this sequel opens on February 9, we're led to believe that there aren't many weeks of waiting until the official release. Besides, on the same day, NCsoft revealed various trailers to ramp up the hype.

Since its early days, NCsoft confirmed that Blade and Soul 2 is in the works for mobile devices, stirring quite a heated reaction among the fans of the PC game. While that plan hasn't changed, there are some interesting developments – other platforms were added to the expected Android and iOS releases.

In a surprising twist, a PC version will be available, although it isn't a major leap compared to the mobile release – you can play it using Purple, which is NCSoft's proprietary platform for mobile games. Instead of resorting to an Android emulator on PC such as Bluestacks or LDPlayer, players can use Purple and see some graphical improvements.

Furthermore, Blade & Soul 2 was also announced for consoles and for the cloud, so it should be available for pretty much everyone. Being cross-platform is always a big plus, since it eases the fear of diminishing player bases. 

This is what we know about the Blade & Soul 2 release date so far. We'll update this guide with more details concerning specific launch windows and target platform when NCSoft spills the beans.

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