Blue Protocol Release Date | Is a Blue Protocol western release planned?

Blue Protocol Release Date

Bandai Namco announced Blue Protocol in July 2019, with the anime MMORPG garnering an enthusiastic reception from all over the world. Developed with Unreal Engine 4 and the experience of a talented group of developers, this is the kind of game that looked like a playable anime. Suddenly, everyone wanted to know the Blue Protocol release date, but the devs were keeping quiet about it.

Blue Protocol Release Date| Is the Blue Protocol game coming soon?

When it was announced, Bandai Namco immediately revealed the first Blue Protocol test date. It was a closed alpha test, running for a brief three days. With very limited player spots, the initial batch of 5,000 lucky players  was soon doubled to 10,000, and the alpha test ran during the following days:

  • July 26, 2019 (Friday) to July 28, 2019 (Sunday).

The test was exclusive to Japan, with plenty of Blue Protocol info popping up soon afterwards. Bandai Namco even revealed an interesting breakdown of player feedback and what the studio was going to work on after the test.

However, there wasn't much beyond that to sink your teeth into. The development team went silent for many months, with no word on a Blue Protocol release date, even for Japan.

Is Blue Protocol releasing in the west?

Blue Protocol release date

With Japan as the priority for the Blue Protocol launch, there wasn't much to learn about a Blue Protocol western release date. However, the hype was so real that Bandai Namco felt the need to clarify the community's requests.

The statement wasn't exactly what western players wanted to hear – there are no plans for a Blue Protocol western release at the moment, and this is subject to change. Since Bandai Namco said that it wanted to “impress the world” with Blue Protocol, and Korean, Russian, English and Portuguese language files were located in the alpha client, a global release sounds very likely.

Besides, we have to take into consideration that Asian launches usually follow a standardized pattern. The home release is the priority, in this case Japan (most of the times it's South Korea), then the next step should be taking the game to Korea, followed by Russia, and only then North America and Europe. If we had to guess, we'd say that Blue Protocol releases in the west sometime in 2021.

This is all speculation, of course, so we'll update this post when we have some official info on the Blue Protocol MMO release.


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