Blue Protocol closed alpha info and screenshots impress

Blue Protocol closed alpha info

Several outlets are sharing some Blue Protocol closed alpha info as well as screenshots. We're not entirely sure if Bandai Namco approved of these actions, but the last time we heard, players could talk about their experience but sharing videos and images was strictly forbidden.

One of those Japanese outlets is 4Gamer, where you can see dozens of Blue Protocol screenshots captured from the first alpha test. Blue Protocol gameplay also popped up but it is unlikely to remain live for long, unless Bandai Namco fails to take action.

First up is character creation. You can choose male or female, with standard and muscular body types for men and standard and elegant for women. You can pick from young and mature faces, and apparently you can get some wrinkles but only for male characters.

The four types of classes were already covered for a while now: Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer and Spellcaster. All classes are able to heal, so there is no specific Healer class.

The landscape in Blue Protocol is described as incredibly beautiful. Fantastic animations and a day/night cycle that drastically changes the cityscape, with shadows moving and lights being turned on make Blue Protocol one of the best-looking anime online games.

As we have mentioned before, Blue Protocol is a semi-open world. The city and surrounding areas are divided by short loadings. You can hunt specific monsters in the open field or complete some quests in the dungeons.

Blue Protocol uses a non-targeting combat system where you combine normal attacks, dodging and several skills. The dungeons during the closed alpha could be completed solo or by a party of up to six players through auto-matchmaking. There are middle dungeon bosses to defeat before reaching the dungeon's main boss.

The article has a lot more Blue Protocol closed alpha info in case you are eagerly waiting for this anime MMORPG. Bandai Namco recently said that a western release isn't planned at the moment, but this is only natural. Give it time and it will happen for sure.

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