Does Legend of YMIR Have Cross-Platform Play?

Legend of YMIR Cross-Platform

Legend of YMIR is the next MMORPG from Wemade, creators of the resounding success that is Mir4. This time, the Asian inspiration is traded for Nordic mythology, eventually making it more suited for gamers who are familiar with legends such as Thor and Odin, although there's so much more than that to Norse myths. Legend of YMIR is coming to PC and mobile, but one of the major draws of this choice is the ability to keep your progress in the game, no matter the platform. So, the question here is: does Legend of YMIR have cross-platform play?

Is Legend of YMIR Cross-Platform?

Is Legend of YMIR Cross-Platform

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Having the option to compete or cooperate with players from other platforms often is the guarantee of a player base boost. MMORPGs, in particular, benefit from this, as it allows you to leave the PC and continue your adventure on mobile, especially if there's some sort of AFK mechanic allowing you to continuously farm.

Mir4, obviously, does that well, so it would be surprising if Wemade decided to switch gears and cut such feature from Legend of YMIR. I'm glad to confirm that Legend of YMIR features cross-platform play, which means that you can interact with players from other platforms, as well as keep your character progress when you switch platform. For example, you create an account on PC and occasionally decide to play on Android, that much is possible.

After Wemade's work on Mir4, there are high expectations for Legend of YMIR. It's clear that there's going to be a technical evolution through the use of Unreal Engine 5, but we'll see if the gameplay remains familiar. The very least that we can ask is to keep it addictive and fun just as it happens with Mir4.

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