Does Noah’s Heart Have Cross-Platform Play and Cross-Save?

Noah's Heart Cross Platform Play

In a time when every ambitious online RPG can be played across different platforms, many players are wondering if that's going to be the case with Noah's Heart, the new game from the makers of Dragon Raja. Is Noah's Heart cross-platform and cross play when it releases or do we have to stick to one platform with no hopes of playing with or against players from other platforms? We'll tell you what Archosaur Games has in store for you.

Does Noah's Heart Support Cross Platform Play?

Noah's Heart Cross Platform Play

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Archosaur expects great things of Noah's Heart, and fans of the acclaimed sci-fi anime MMORPG Dragon Raja expect an evolution. Now we're going to have a massive open world to explore with no loading times, but having this limited to Android and iOS devices could mean that only players with high end phones could fully enjoy the game.

But since there's been confirmation that Noah's Heart is coming to PC as well, players are wondering if they can play with others platforms' users and even use their accounts in different devices. This much has been cleared by the developers themselves on Facebook:

“[…] Even better, account information and data will be interchangeable across the platforms.”

This means that you can login with your account – let's say Facebook or Google account – on PC and later that day use that same login info on Android or iOS to continue playing. Your progress is kept, your friends are still playing with you, and everyone wins.

Noah's Heart release date is yet to be announced but the global launch is expected during 2022. It is coming to PC, Android, and iOS and is going to run another closed beta test soon, after the first English beta testing in December 2021.

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