Is Noah’s Heart Coming to PC and Console?

Is Noah's Heart Coming to PC and Console?

Many of those who have played Dragon Raja are surely looking forward to Archosaur Games' next MMORPG. That game is Noah's Heart and marks an evolution for the studio as it transitions from the previous title's region-based world into a fully-fledged spherical open world with no boundaries. It's quite a feat and one that not many games have tried before, especially considering that it was announced for Android and iOS alone. The question that many players have is the following? Is Noah's Heart coming to PC and console?

Is Noah's Heart Coming to PC?

Is Noah's Heart Coming to PC and Console?

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To answer this question we must go back in time to investigate the release of Dragon Raja. Originally launched as an Android and iOS exclusive in July 2019, the sci-fi anime MMORPG was nonetheless playable on PC via Android emulator such as Bluestacks or LDPlayer.

Still, there was no official PC client in sight… at least until the surprising reveal that it was coming further down the road. Archosaur communicated that the PC version of Dragon Raja was going to be released by late August 2021 and featured cross-platform play. So, it took its sweet time, but it eventually happened.

As for the release of a Noah's Heart PC version, it has been confirmed as of March 4, 2022 that Noah's Heart is indeed coming to the PC platform.

It's also been confirmed that Noah's Heart will feature cross-platform play across PC, Android, and iOS, so the good news keep on coming. Now all that we could wish was a Steam version…

Is Noah's Heart Coming to Console?

Technically, there doesn't seem to be any reason to prevent Noah's Heart from coming to console. PS5 and Xbox Series have more than the raw power needed to run such an MMO – if some older phone devices can run the game, even previous generation consoles would be capable as well.

However, Archosaur Games' track record doesn't really feature any console games that we know of. This is a company veering toward mobile games, with the occasional PC port thrown in. Even the upcoming MMO shooter Avatar: Reckoning, which was announced in January 2022 as a joint effort with Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Disney is exclusively under development for Android and iOS.

So, unless there is a surprising twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan, the answer is no, Noah's Heart isn't coming to consoles.

We hope that this answered your “Is Noah's Heart Coming to PC and Console” questions. We have many more Noah's Heart guides for you to check on, so give those a look.

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