Dragon Raja Save Anton or Not Quest | Should You Help Him?

Dragon Raja Save Anton or Not

Dragon Raja is brimming with tough choices, and you'll be facing one of these very early in the game. The prologue is wonderfully designed as it introduces you to the main characters in the game, with friends and foes interacting with you. However, there are cryptic characters as well to contend with, one of them being Anton. The blonde student is a mystery, and you'll quickly discover that he possesses an extraordinary power – he can turn the air around him into a gel-like material that is capable of stopping bullets. However, he seems to be bound to a wheelchair and is clearly weak. The Dragon Raja Save Anton or Not quest is one of your first big decisions, but can you really help the poor guy out?

Dragon Raja Save Anton or Not | Can You Save Anton?

Dragon Raja Save Anton or Not

After witnessing Bondarev and Herzog discussing the use of these human and dragon hybrids for noble causes such as world domination. However, you notice that their plan has a glaring flaw – the current specimens have a life expectancy of 20 years, which is nearly how long Anton has been alive for. In just three days, he will turn into a monster, and so Herzog instructs Bondarev to kill Anton.

That is when the choice pops up – “Save Anton” or “Don't save Anton.” Unfortunately, even if you decide to save Anton, the poor guy still takes a bullet to the chest and is barely breathing for the next few minutes. The only effect that this choice has is in your personality trait, giving you a +20 Justice boost. There is no way that you can save him at all.

Although it feels like a cop-out to offer a very important choice and then give you the same outcome no matter what, it can be lessened by the fact that Anton would still turn into a monster in a few days. This quest, like many others in Dragon Raja, may seem to offer little to no differences, but there are actual changes to the story as your choices affect your personality traits and future options. For example, you may have some dialogue choices locked due to your past actions, so make sure that you know which path you are carving for your hero.

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