Dragon Raja Sojourn Anecdote Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Sojourn Anecdote Guide

By late July, Dragon Raja received a new update which included a new anecdote. This content expansion for the global server came prior to the launch of the ninth new class called Skateboarder, while the Chinese server is about to get the tenth class. But that's for another occasion, because now it's time to check the new Sojourn anecdote solution. This is a simple and fairly short anecdote that can be completed in under 30 minutes if you're lucky with one weather hurdle, so you shouldn't expect some huge rewards from it. Any player of level 25 and above can trigger this short hidden quest, but for the full scoop you just need to follow our Dragon Raja Sojourn Anecdote guide. Oh, and it involves a talking vending machine, something that shouldn't sound odd in the world of Dragon Raja.

Dragon Raja Sojourn Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Sojourn Anecdote Guide

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This tale starts at Cassell College, near the basketball court where you had so many successes, and quite a few missed hoops as well. Find this one vending machine of unusual yellow color (284,474), the exclamation mark is proof that there's something out of the ordinary to it.

The trigger is strange, so you must tap the vending machine in various spots (not just the interaction icon), including the side. Hopefully it will trigger, and perhaps buying a drink or two won't hurt. When the anecdote triggers, the machine starts talking. After the first short conversation, tap the machine several times to make it talk again.

If you've done well, the exclamation mark is now gone and you're possibly clueless about your next step. Well, fear not, and just go to the vending machine nearby (286,467) and buy any drink. Open your inventory and drink it, and a comm screen should pop-up, from the original vending machine, no more no less. Jealousy strikes.

Return to the yellow vending machine to find a huge mecha blocking the way. Find the “move the mecha” interaction to make it disappear, and tap the machine again for as long as it takes to start the dialogue.

Vice Principal Flamel? Where could he be? Go to the Principal's Office and sit on the chair next to Anjou. Choose “Enter Command” and type flamel. A mission pops up in your quest list, after standing up tap [O] Tap to complete: Sojourn. You'll be teleported to another office and you'll find Mentor Flamel by the desk, but ignore him for now. Run to the other side and speak to the Vending Machine Keeper. He wasn't very helpful, and neither is Finger, so go to Vice Principal Flamel.

Dragon Raja Sojourn Anecdote Guide Flamel photo

Now you must take a photo with Flamel, so position the camera close to what you see above. After the picture he'll get an exclamation mark over his head, meaning you can finally interact with him. After the dialogue, check the book on his right and go to Chizuru beach. A comm from Finger should trigger there (189,304), and he says to follow his instructions. But what instructions?

Anyway, explore the beach until you find an NPC called Bard, and talk to him (218,312). Well, that wasn't very helpful, but now we must wait at the beach for a boat to appear (178,321) under blizzard weather conditions. Because everyone knows that's the perfect weather for sailing…

When the boat appears, quickly jump in or you'll have to wait for another blizzard weather. You'll arrive at Starlight Island. Go straight to the white girl (224,254) and she'll run away as you get close. Follow her into the sea and watch as she disappears.

Return to the talking vending machine in Cassell College… but it's gone! You'll find it in a pile of junk in Well of Bones (675,567). Very sad, really, talk to the machine and now you can choose from three options: “Do you remember Isolde”, “What you asked me to investigate pans out”, and “Tell the truth.” Go with the first option, but you can also try your luck with the other two to see how it goes.

The Vending Machine Keeper and Mentor Flamel show up, talk to the latter. You'll see a countdown representing the formatting process, then wait a few seconds for the anecdote ending to trigger.

That's it, from this anecdote you'll get 1 anecdote point and the Kept at Arm's Length title. Head over to our Dragon Raja anecdotes guide to find out the solution to many more gold, silver, and bronze tales.

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