Dragon Raja Tale Guides | Full Gold and Silver Quests Walkthrough (June 2021)

Dragon Raja Tale Guides

Updated June 2021 | With a fun, exciting, and charming story, Dragon Raja (play free on PC here) would be entirely worth playing from beginning to end. However, this beautiful mobile MMORPG has tons of sidequests and optional content for you to delve into. Some of it is easy to spot, like the Superstar and Cuisines careers, while others take a lot of effort to discover and beat. The Dragon Raja Tale quests sit on the hardest part of the spectrum, taking quite some effort to trigger and complete. These are divided in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with the first ones being the hardest to complete, while the last ones can be completed in a few seconds if you know what you are doing. There is an ever-growing number of Tales and our Dragon Raja Tale Guides will show you how to fill those orbs floating around Cassell College's AI assistant, EVA. We'll try to be as detailed as we can, in order to become the best Dragon Raja wiki available, but be wary that both player and server level are requirements to trigger some of the Tales.

Dragon Raja Tale Guides | Detailed Guides to Tale Quests

Dragon Raja Tale Guides EVA Complete

Let's take a closer look at each of the main Tales, with a link taking you to the associated guide. Each guide will show you a step-by-step description of the quest, but the time-sensitive aspect of most Tales means that you may have to return during the next day or two to complete them – blame it on the picky NPCs who are prone to randomly show up instead of appearing at fixed times.

In no specific order, here are the Gold Tales and individual guides:

Meow's Adventure (Gold)

A marriage falling apart and a disappearing woman are the topics of this mystery, with a strange cat as a crucial piece of this puzzle. Help Mr. Yoshioka find his wife and rebuild their future.

Caged Bird (Gold)

Figurative birds and cages are the stars of this gold tale, where the mysterious Bishop seems to exert control over regular humans who become super-strong. How will this end?

Broken Ties (Gold)

A group of aspiring detectives stumble upon a real murder. Now it's up to you to do all the digging and find the murdered, and for your partners to take all the credit… as always.

Chrysanthemum (Gold)

Show your detective skills once again as you try to discover who is behind the tragic death of Miss Kikue. No clue boards this time, but you must search for evidence in a couple of apartments.

Dream Island (Gold)

Go deep undercover inside a mysterious gambling organization and discover the truth behind it, with the help of Detective McHale.

Night Memory (Gold)

Find the truth about the family of a drunk man. Discover the tragedy behind his request and find the real culprit of what has been happening.

Cup of Time (Gold)

Adele's boyfriend was killed under mysterious circumstances and you're going to get to the bottom of this mystery. It may involve some time traveling, so make sure that you're ready for a few leaps into the past.

Blossom (Gold)

A cute and lovely popstar requires your help to discover who sabotaged her latest record. Help her out and who knows if you won't find a special friendship along the way.

The Story of Yesterday (Gold)

Discover the whereabouts of a man who has been missing for 12 years, and help his lover Sunny find some peace of mind. Where could he be?

Town Anecdote / Story of the Small Town (Gold)

Help young girl Masako find her lost dog Jiro and unravel a tale with many twists, surprises, and… time sensitive events that may be a pain to trigger.

Night of the Asao Fish (Gold)

Another detective story about a restaurant robbery and a missing delicacy. Discover who stole the rare fish and use your skills to discover clues, put together the evidence, and confront the suspects.

Rainy Night (Gold)

A Tale set entirely against a rainy Tokyo backdrop, starting with a poor defenseless girl crying for help. Give her a hand and you'll eventually discover the fate of her lover and how they are bound together by something larger than life.

The Innocents (Gold)

A detective thriller where a couple of lovers, a cop, and a passer-by get involved in a tangled web of mystery, attempted murder, and porged rice. Don't ask, just put your Sherlock Holmes cap on and dig deep in this exciting Tale.

Music Box (Gold)

A heartbreaking story of two lovers whose bond was cut short due to a mission. Trigger it by approaching a door at Cassell College (213,471), where a lost soul seems to be trapped for a long, long time.

Supernatural (Gold)

Trigger this Tale by going to Takamagahara and talking to a sneaky man in the corner (116,58). Welcome to a conspiracy of zombie corpses, Death Servitors serum, rummaging through trash piles, and a disappointed dad. Now try to make sense of it all by completing the Tale.

Under the Dome (Gold)

Trigger the Under the Dome Tale by going to Cassell College, where Saturn is waiting near the basketball court (283,449). Give the guy drinks, money, and you're on your way – thankfully he didn't ask for your soul, but it was close enough. This is a story about demons and sleazy parents who couldn't care less about her poor, little girl just because she's possessed. Don't give up on your kids, guys!

Voice Bond (Gold)

This is the longest Tale of them all, seemingly going on for ages. It's also likely to be the most infuriating due to the recurrent use of time-dependent events, which means that you may have to return day after day to see if the situation or NPC finally triggers, allowing you to progress. Help the poor girls by diving into the mirage realm and uncovering past occurrences that will finally bring peace to this family.

Angel's Voice (Silver)

Being an idol doesn't come easy, but let's do our best to help a poor girl to live her dream. Trigger this Tale by reading a book on the ground in Tokyo (590,384), and let Misako stick around like glue for most of the time. After all, it's for the orphans, right?

Warm Menus (Silver)

You trigger this quest by talking to a tramp at Chizuru (233,166). He appears at specific times that are apparently tied to sunny weather, so it may take a few tries before you find him.

These are the main Dragon Raja Tale guides, but we also have additional walkthroughs for you, including Anecdotes and other Silver Tales, such as the chilling Midnight Voice Tale. With extremely vague clues and requiring quite a bit of effort and persistence from the player, Tale quests are a fan favorite and hopefully the devs are planning on adding more in a future Dragon Raja update.

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