Final Fate TD Gift Codes List | Redeem Pack Coupon Code

Final Fate TD Gift Codes Redeem

Final Fate TD is a charming anime tower defense game where you must collect heroes with unique skills. Assembling a strong and balanced team is crucial, because the challenges ahead are tough and relentless. That is why you need all the summons and hero select cards that you can get. SSR heroes just aren't going to cut it; this time, you have to shoot for the SSSR units, because that is where the strength and impressive abilities ultimately lie. Thankfully, our Final Fate TD gift codes list should have quite a few great rewards in store for you, so start redeeming your promo codes right away.

Final Fate TD Gift Codes Guide

Final Fate TD Gift Codes List

Designed for comfortable one-handed play, Final Fate TD strikes a good balance between automated and manual gameplay. However, one of the things that can't be overlooked is your hero team, leveling up your heroes and enhancing their gear.

For this, many coupon codes will come in handy. You can find the list below, claim these gift packs for some great items.

  • FINDYOU (SSSR Hero Select Card x1, Diamond x777, Ramen x5, Divine Treasure Random Chest x1)
  • XmasBox
  • FFTDRe2
  • FFTDO31
  • FFTD111
  • FFTD777

You can find these and other codes as they are distributed by looking around on the game's social media, which pretty much means Facebook. Some YouTube videos may also have Final Fate TD codes, but your best bet is to keep coming back to this page to check for updates.

If you discover a new and valid code, let us know in the comments and we'll add it to the list.

How to Claim Final Fate TD Redeem Pack Codes

It's extremely simple to claim a Final Fate TD code. Follow the instructions below and you'll get your gifts in no time.

  • Start playing Final Fate TD until you can freely tap around
  • Tap your profile picture in the top left corner
  • Tap the Redeem Pack button
  • Enter your Redemption Code
  • Tap Redeem

Assuming that you entered a working Final Fate TD code, the rewards will be with you instantly.

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