Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Guide | A Little Game Quest Locations

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Guide

Far from being a straightforward action RPG where everything is spoon-fed to the player, Genshin Impact includes some quests where you must use your wits to succeed. One of those quests is called A Little Game, where an NPC named Childish Jiang asks you to play a game of hide and seek with him. Your task will be to find him in four different locations, with a countdown to make sure that you don't have much time to frolic around. If you find yourself stumbled upon this world quest, our Genshin Impact Childish Jiang guide will tell you where to find the man and win the game.

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Locations

Childish Jiang locations

To start this quest, you must first meet Childish Jiang to the north of Mt. Tianheng, near a cliff. It's easy to spot his whereabouts when you know where to go, since the majestic Liyue Harbor is standing in the background.

To find Childish Jiang, use the teleport waypoint a bit to the north of Mt. Tianheng and glide your way to the cliff. You can see the exact location in the image above, where the player marker is. The rewards for finishing this quest are tempting as well: 250 Adventurer's Exp, 20,000 Mora, x30 Primogems, x2 Hero's Wit, and x3 Mystic Enhancement Ore. Not bad for a little game of hide and seek.

You can check the image below for the four locations where Childish Jiang is going to hide. He isn't going to randomize his hiding spots, so you know that you can find him in the same exact order every time that you use a new character to finish this quest.

Childish Jiang hiding locations

The first hiding location is just a little bit up north. You can find Childish Jiang behind a boulder, he isn't exactly a mastermind of hiding. For this first task you have a full minute, which is more than enough to discover him in the location that you see in the image below.

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang hiding location 1

For his second try, Childish Jiang didn't fare much better. He chose to hide behind a tree that… well, let's say that his bulky body isn't exactly out of sight. You can find him near the tree in the image below, and Mona says hi. For this task you have 50 seconds, a very comfortable time limit for such an easy endeavor.

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Spot 2

Third time's the charm, perhaps? Not in the case of Childish Jiang, although he did improve his hiding skills for this one. With just 40 seconds to search around, your destination is the house nearby. Childish Jiang is at the back of this small house, on the east side near the tree and the crates. He would be behind our Venti character in the image below.

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang location 3

Finally, the fourth and final try, and this time Qiqi is going to star in the image, because we felt like it. Childish Jiang didn't stray too far from the house in this round, he just moved a bit to the south and hid behind a rock near the edge of the cliff. Not very imaginative, but I guess he had fun playing hide and seek with us, and that was the most important.

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang location 4

Well, apart from the hefty rewards, but that's another story entirely. This concludes the A Little Game quest and our Genshin Impact Childish Jiang guide.

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