Genshin Impact Free to Play | Is the Genshin Impact download free?

Genshin Impact free to play Beibou

Ranking among the most anticipated anime MMOs of the year, Genshin Impact is the new game from the makers of the global hit Honkai Impact 3rd. The switch from sci-fi to fantasy is a bold move, but there's the anime art style to serve as a link between both games. In development for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, it's natural to question if the Genshin Impact download is going to be free, or if it comes with a price tag. Until very recently, developer miHoYo didn't really discuss the monetization for the game, so is Genshin Impact free to play?

Genshin Impact free to play download | Is the game free or premium?

Genshin Impact free to play download

A decade or so ago, games were announced as free to play early in development. Nowadays, most publishers understandably wait longer in order to properly assess the state of the market and make a pondered decision, according to its goals and the overall situation. If Genshin Impact was a mobile exclusive, it would be easy to assume that it is going to be free to play; however, with PC and console versions, a price tag could definitely be planned.

You can rest assured, though, Genshin Impact is free to play – that much was confirmed in late February 2020. In an official FAQ, MiHoYo said the following:

“Genshin Impact will be a Free to Play game for sure, but we haven’t finalized the details on monetization yet since we are mostly focusing on optimizing the gameplay experience at the current stage.”

So, the cat is out of the bag, and the details on monetization that the devs mention are surely connected to the in-game shop and what kind of items are going to be up for sale. You should expect the usual stuff, including cosmetics and convenience items, but hopefully nothing that is going to break the balance of this beautiful anime MMO and your adventure as a traveler in Mondstadt, Liyue Harbor, and other wonderful lands.

The Genshin Impact release date is planned for late 2020 for PC, PS4, Switch, Android, and iOS.

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