Genshin Impact Reroll Guide | How to Reroll for Best Units

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide

Genshin Impact is far from being the most obvious game for a reroll guide, but this open world anime action RPG features a character and gear gacha system. So, there's no way that the community isn't going to make its best to pull the most promising character right at the first time. In this Genshin Impact reroll guide we are going to tell you how long you need to play the game before you get to make your first gacha summon, or Wish system as it is called, and what you need to know before rerolling for the best characters.

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide | How to Reroll for Best 5 Star Heroes

Genshin Impact reroll guide

The first thing that you should know is that miHoYo doesn't make it easy to reroll in Genshin Impact. It's not that they're bitter about it, quite on the contrary; the issue is that like in other gacha games, they are offering pre-registration rewards that are account-bound, and you must keep that in mind. The email account that you used for pre-registration and the “Get Ready for the Road” mini-game will be the one that you want to use, because that's where you'll get your in-game rewards, including Acquaint Fate items that are used for gacha pulls.

However, some players surely went through the trouble of creating multiple accounts with different emails, and using those to pre-register for Genshin Impact. This way, they were able to have a few tries at rerolling and still get to keep the rewards.

Otherwise, you must stick to your number one account – the one with all the rewards – and resign yourself to what the gods of gacha offer you, because there is no save state. This way, the results are permanent and there's no option to restart, so unless you use a throwaway account and forfeit your pre-registration rewards.

Now that the bad but predictable news are out of the way, let's go ahead with the Genshin Impact reroll guide. According to our playthrough, it takes roughly 40 minutes to get to the first gacha summon, but we're including the cutscenes. If you skip those, you could probably make it there in 20 minutes or so.

The question is if it's worth it going through all the trouble for the slim chance of getting a top-tier Genshin Impact character. Apparently, some players aren't going to bother with rerolling, because there's an adventure to live and more heroes to meet and recruit. However, others won't rest until they get their hands on whoever they assume is the best for their team. Ultimately, it's your choice, but thankfully, Genshin Impact is much more than a mere gacha game.

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