Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest

Time and Wind is one of the most secret quests in Genshin Impact. You won't easily find the locations where it takes place, since it requires you to glide to an island that is off-charts. But the rewards are enticing and it's always good to clear one more quest from your quest-book; besides, it's a fantastic place to farm crabs, a cooking ingredient that is used to make some of the most valuable dishes, including the Adeptus Temptation and Golden Crab. But enough about food, let's start with the Genshin Impact Time and Wind quest guide.

Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest Guide and Solution

Genshin Impact Time and Wind Nameless Island

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This world quest is part of the Mondstadt Reputation system, so it's good to complete it to get a boost in your city reputation. As you can see from the image above, the location of the Time and Wind quest doesn't show up on the map. Furthermore, you can't reach it until you have enhanced the Statue of the Seven to a decent level, let's say eight or nine, significantly increasing your stamina to at least 208 points. You'll need to fly for nearly a minute to reach the hidden island, and while there are alternate ways of reaching the location, such as using Qiqi or Kaeya to freeze the water and make a pathway, this could be riskier and slower.

Before taking the leap to the uncharted island, make sure that you have an Anemo character in your roster such as Venti, Jean or Sucrose. Otherwise, you need to use your Anemo Traveler in the Time and Wind quest.

When you're done with the preparations, head over to the peak of Starsnatch Cliff and glide all the way to the nameless island. You can see it in the distance, even if there's some heavy fog – the unmistakable pillars are a dead giveaway that this is the place you want to go to.

After reaching the island, find a small abandoned camp and destroy the breakable rock nearby. Take the Ragged Notebook item and read it, go to the sundial and then use the time skip function to advance time to somewhere between 2:00 and 5:00 AM. 

Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest Guide

Now you must find four wind orbs using your Elemental Vision ability. Follow the lines to each orb and break them with your Anemo powers. You can only see these orbs if the clock is between 2AM and 5AM in-game. The location of the four orbs is the following:

  • First orb is behind the sundial, on top of the archway ruins
  • Second orb is on top of the pillar to the right of the sundial
  • Third orb is on top of a rock on water, near the beach
  • Fourth orb is also on the beach, on the opposite side, top of a large rock in the water

After scattering the four orbs, a storm appears on the center of the island. Head over there and once again use Elemental Vision to see another orb, which you must scatter with Anemo skills. This will summon an Eye of the Storm enemy – fight it as fiercely as you can, but it will flee before you drain its entire energy.

Follow the Eye of the Storm through the air current rings, dropping near another sundial in the Thousand Winds Temple, which your surely familiar with. Speak to Henry Morton, the NPC nearby, and read the Thick Notebook inside his tent. Once again, skip time to 2AM and find three more wind orbs using Elemental Sight – they're easy to find, since they are just around the sundial.

Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest Sun Dial

Scattering each wind orb with Anemo will spawn slime enemies, and when you're done with the three orbs, the Eye of the Storm will reappear with full energy and stronger than before. Besides, he summons enemies to make the battle even more difficult.

When you're done with the final boss of the Time and Wind quest, tell Henry Morton about it to get your rewards: 4 Hero's Wit EXP books, 60 Primogems, and the Nothing to Lose but Time achievement. We hope this Genshin Impact Time and Wind quest guide helped you discover the nameless island in Teyvat for the first time in your journey.


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