Guardian Tales Reroll Guide | How to Reroll for Best Units and Weapons

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

Guardian Tales is a fun action RPG that just loves to reference classic game series such as Zelda and The Elder Scrolls. It's a quirky adventure where your team of adventurers set out to deliver justice and recruit new heroes along the way. However, you can do so by progressing or by resorting to the gacha system, where new units and weapons will be revealed to you. This Guardian Tales reroll guide is going to show you how long you need to play before you get to the hero and weapon summon part, and if it's worth taking the time to go for a rerolling.

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide Hero Summon

Let's start with the bad news – your first Guardian Tales reroll is going to take you up to one hour at best. You must beat the stage 1-4 before the summon option is unlocked, something that can be faster or slower depending on your will to explore the maps and earn better rewards. But even after that, you're likely to be limited to a few 1x summons at 300 gems each, because you need gems to use in the gacha and the 10x summon is not an option right away.

So, our advice is that you spend a couple of hours exploring the first maps and side quests, completing achievements that also reward you with gems, and explore the Rift dungeons. After that time you should have 2700 gems or more, which allows you to pull a 10x summon.

The next question concerns the hero summon or equipment summon. This entirely depends on what are your plans for the adventure, because there are a few things that you need to know. The first one is that you're going to unlock a few heroes just by progressing, so having more of them isn't a requirement; it's more of a nice alternative. Furthermore, your heroes will happily stroll in your Floating Castle, and the more the merrier.

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide Hero List

You should also pay attention to the summon events. If you find that a specific hero has an increased chance, why don't you give it a shot? Grand Admiral Marina or Idol Captain Eva are two unique heroes that look good in every party.

Nonetheless, weapons are very important in Guardian Tales, so you shouldn't ignore them at all. There are a few character-specific weapons that would give your party a great boost and make those early levels a breeze. It's during PvP that you need your best team with the best weapons in order to stand out for the crowd.

To conclude this Guardian Tales reroll guide, you should try to strike a good balance between summoning heroes and weapons, although it's advised to lean for the latter.

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