Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Rare Equipment Guide | How to Craft

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High level Admiral equipment is something that you must try to achieve in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict. A single rare item is capable of significantly boosting your combat power, so don't you ever neglect this aspect. As you know, it's beyond headquarters level 18 that the going gets tough and the battle for titanium truly starts, so every bit of combat power helps. In this Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict rare equipment guide we'll show you how to craft rare Admiral equipment so that you can do without those lame normal gear items.

How to Craft Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict Rare Equipment

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict rare equipment

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There are six Admiral equipment slots in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict: headgear, uniform, secondary weapon, boots, primary weapon, and accessory. You have different tiers to climb as well, from normal to rare, epic and legendary.

Normal gear is fairly easy to create in your first days of gameplay, but rare equipment isn't as simple.You're going to need the usual resources such as Titanium and Silver, which are easy to get, but you also need specific material for the item you want to create. For example, 500 accessory material 1 and seven accessory material 2 for those cool sunglasses.

The main way of getting material to craft equipment is by destroying armada fleets, but if you stick to this tactic alone you're going to take several days of attacking armada fleets before you get the hundreds of materials to craft rare equipment.

So, you should resort to a much quicker way of collecting this crafting material, especially the accessory material corresponding to the equipment piece that you want to craft. Here's how it goes.

Complete the most daily quests that you can, every single day. Don't forget to watch the ad to get double the points. From attacking armada fleets to collecting resources, this is going to give you a few thousand points that you can use in the store to purchase useful items. Titanium, boosts, resource boxes, and for the case at hand, the equipment boxes. You can get up to 50 boxes per day at the low price of 150 points each, so you should buy the most you can.

At the end of a few days you should have enough equipment material to craft every rare equipment item. Don't forget that you also need to break down lots of accessory material 1 items to create accessory material 2, so take this into account.

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