How to Fire Mates in Uncharted Waters Origin

How to Fire Mates in Uncharted Waters Origin

In Uncharted Waters Origin, the world is all in front of you, it just takes a lot of seafaring and naval battles to build an empire. But you can’t do this alone; you must take some valuable mates in your journey that will give your expeditions varied boosts and the knowledge of speaking languages and communicating in other ports that you originally wouldn’t be able to do. Sometimes, you may hire a mate that feels a little overvalued, so you may start thinking of ways to let him go. The question here is how to fire mates in Uncharted Waters Origin, and we have the answer for you.

Can I Fire Mates in Uncharted Waters Origin?

You can gift or chat mates in Uncharted Waters Origin to strengthen their loyalty to you. You can also promote them to increase their ship and fleet expertise stats or assign a mate to a specific cabin so that they can bring their unique abilities into play. While in the harbor, you can see what kind of perks the language level effects brings to your city exploration.

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But what about the question? Can you fire mates in Uncharted Waters Origin? The answer is no – this is more of a character collection aspect that is in the game to stay, especially because of the language skills that each of the mates bring to the crew. You can slot the mates you prefer in ship cabins to increase some stats, but the rest can just stay there, unassigned. They won’t become a burden or occupy space in your collection, although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to focus on the mates of upper tier and trying to aim for a great balance among all the crew.

So, don't worry about those mates in your crew, they may end up being useful in some way or point in the future. Just make sure you have a diverse roster and you're good to go on some more seafaring adventures.

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