How to Learn New Languages in Uncharted Waters Origin

How to Learn New Languages in Uncharted Waters Origin

Wondering how to learn new languages in Uncharted Waters Origin? This a sprawling new chapter following upon the success of Uncharted Waters Online. Players still get the massive world waiting to be discovered and exciting battles, both naval turn-based and auto swashbuckling clashes. While discovering new foreign ports and cities, you may happen to not understand the language that the citizens speak, so you need someone who can make those symbols comprehensible. In this Uncharted Waters Origin New Languages guide we’ll show you how you can understand other lands and finally use the options available in these new cities.

How to Learn New Languages in Uncharted Waters Origin

When discovering a new port and setting foot in an entirely new city with your crewmates, it’s normal to expect some conversations to flow. However, this isn’t always the case unless you have a mate that speaks the language from the city you are now exploring.

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You can see this by going into the Mates screen and checking them, as each one comes with a bound Language Skill. Not just that, but language skills have levels, which means that in ports you can get some perks a.k.a. reductions depending on your language level, from repair cost to crew recruit cost, or even supplies cost.

How can you learn new languages in Uncharted Waters Origin, then? By hiring a mate from the Inn, of course. Check the languages they speak when you click on each one, and if you see a green tick next to a language, that means you already hired someone who speaks that language. Some mates for hire only show up at the Inn after having hired another specific mate, so there’s a bit of exploring and combinations to do.

Also, you have to play your cards right if you want to hire a mate that speaks a specific new language. Some of them are prolific in more than one language, so try to hire one that speaks one of the languages when you want to hire a mate that speaks an unknown language to you. Seems confusing? For example, having a Swedish speaker – check the ones you own by the green tick – will allow you to sponsor and attempt to hire a mate who speaks Swedish and Danish. Now you will have a new language expert with you, and this is how you can expand on the linguistics and the ports that are opening to you.

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