How to Join a Guild in Cookie Run Kingdom Guide

How to Join a Guild in Cookie Run Kingdom Guide

Behind Cookie Run Kingdom's sweet and multi-layered appearance lies a game with plenty of depth and surprises. The collaboration event with Sonic the Hedgehog came as a pleasant surprise to many, and the addition of English voices is another delicious treat for fans. One of the features that will make you bond and fight alongside fellow cookies is the guild system. This provides many rewards and challenges that you shouldn't ignore. Since some players are wondering how to join a guild in Cookie Run Kingdom, this guide will show them how.

How to Join a Guild in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Join a Guild in Cookie Run Kingdom

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Joining a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom isn't an option that is available right at the start. Naturally, you must invest yourself into the game and level up a few cookies before you reach the point where guild play even makes sense. And when is this exactly? You unlock the guild system when you complete Stage 3-6, so before hitting that milestone the guilds are out of your reach.

When you beat this stage, there's a simple process to join a guild, or create one if you so wish. To join any guild, go to the World Exploration screen and look to the Guild button in the bottom left corner. Click on it and now you have the option to create or join a guild. If you choose to join, you must pay attention to guilds who auto-accept you and to guilds that will have to review your submission manually. You can use the arrows to refresh the list of recommended guilds if you prefer to investigate a bit further.

When you click on a guild you can see a big green Join button to the right, hit it to enter a guild and open a new world filled with possibilities, prizes, but most of all massive battles against colossal dragons and other creatures.

How to Leave a Guild in Cookie Run Kingdom

As it may happen, you may not be particularly pleased with the guild that you just joined. They may be speaking a foreign language, not be very supportive as a guild, or just don't log in the game at all. That's a bunch of red flags saying that you should leave this guild for good. So, here's how to leave a guild in Cookie Run Kingdom and move on to the next one.

Click the About button in your guild screen, right below the guild insignia. A new screen pops up and you can find the Leave button in the bottom right corner, click it.

Now it's time to confirm that you want to quit the guild, because you won't be able to join or create a guild for 24 hours. Furthermore, all your activity points will be gone for good, so think this through before confirming.

That's how you join and leave a guild in Cookie Run Kingdom. Enjoy the game and good luck in guild battles.

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