How to play Arknights on PC | Arknights on PC Guide

How to play Arknights on PC

Arknights is a dystopian strategic RPG which is developed by well-established YoStar Limited. It attracts players the moment they play it thanks to its characteristic art style and the mixed genre of tower defense and role playing. If you have played tower defense games before, you would find that all things you expected in tower defense games can be found here. Combined with role playing, the features of tower defense are justly magnified. This guide will tell you how to play Arknights on PC.

The global version of Arknights becomes available since January 16, 2020 in both Apple store and Google Play. It is the kind of mobile game which takes time to play with. If you have ever played Plants vs. Zombies, a classic tower defense game, you would find it often takes longer than you think. Arknights is far more complicated than PVZ by the way. It is a recommend alternative for you to play it on PC which can set you free from the limited battery of smartphones.

How to play Arknights on PC

How to play Arknights on PC | Download Guide

We know that PC has different operation system from smartphones. That’s why we cannot play mobiles games on PC. But there is technique called virtualization that let us insert a smartphone inside PC. Based on this technique, programmers develop a piece of software called Android emulator, which simulates Android operation system. That is to say, we can play mobile games with Android emulator installed in your PC.

Many Android emulators are available online (free of charge or with charge), such as BlueStacks and LDPlayer. They actually are very powerful tools. You can customize your keyboard and mouse based on your habit and the features of the game you are playing with. You can also play more than one game at a time with its multiplayer. For Arknights, a medium and high difficulty strategic game, you can follow the steps below to play Arknights on PC.

  1. Download an Android emulator like LDPlayer
  2. Start the emulator and search for Arknights in an app store (LDPlayer provides local install with optimized game Apk)
  3. Download and install Arknights on your emulator
  4. Click the game icon to run Arknights and download the required updates
  5. Enjoy the gameplay of Arknights on your PC

Install Arknights Android emulator

Review of Arknights on PC

You are probably expecting me tell you some strategic skills to win the game. But Arknights is more than just a game if you know how to “play” it in a right manner. Arknights is not designed for the players who want to rush to the end. It is that kind of game that want you to hold off and savor every detail of it. It is that kind of game for exploration and appreciation. That’s why an immersive way to play the game is recommended here.

Its visual aspect is one of the major things you would like to pay attention to. Every time I run Arknights on my computer with LDPlayer, I got amazed by its drawings. While other developers are swarming to 3D graphics, the drawings in Arknights are in 2D. However, those simple lines accentuate the innocence of the characters, which effectively arouses your sense of protection and thus keeps you engaged in the game.

how to play arknights on pc

Another thing deserves your attention is the ability of the characters. Every character has their own specialty, which is not new in tower defense game. What makes it stands out is its RPG element. The ability of the collectors is not fixed. You can upgrade their ability by many ways. And then you have to develop new strategies since the ability of your collectors has changed. There is no once for all strategy for Arknights.

play arknights ldplayer


Arknights is an excellent game in its field. It can rank in the top tier among tower defense games with its peculiar art style and complexity. Anyway, if you are not satisfied its performance on your smartphone, you can always try to play it on PC with emulator which will you surely give you some new experience of gaming. It’s always easy to play Arknights on PC with LDPlayer and it's an almost unique kind of game.

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