Is Gran Saga an MMORPG, Online RPG, or Single-Player Game?

Gran Saga an MMORPG

The term MMORPG is used very loosely nowadays, leading to plenty of confusion among gamers. For example, many players started spreading rumors that Genshin Impact was an MMORPG, when it is nothing of the sort, although it includes a cooperative mode. In fact, Gran Saga is often being compared to MiHoYo's acclaimed anime RPG, something that feels unjustified. Sure, there are a few similarities between the two games, but the differences couldn't be more pronounced. One of the big questions about the game is the following: Is Gran Saga an MMORPG?

Is Gran Saga MMORPG or Not?

Is Gran Saga an MMORPG

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The answer to the question “Is Gran Saga an MMORPG” is just one: yes, it is an MMORPG. We can confirm that you'll be entering an anime world with many players around you, although some of the dungeons and quests may be aimed at solo players.

Attentive players may have already spotted the word MMORPG in one of the first Gran Saga teasers. However, the gameplay didn't show a world filled with player characters, despite its beautiful and vivid colors. The official image above should be enough to dispel any doubts, which we have captured from a digital showcase on November 13, 2020.

You can find the video below, and around the 10:48 mark you can spot another example of MMORPG mechanics, with many players hanging around in town, followed by a battle where player characters cooperate to take down enemies in an open field.

When all is said and done, is Gran Saga anything like Genshin Impact? Well, there is one mechanic that will sound familiar to players of miHoYo's games, including the sci-fi action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd. During combat, you can freely switch between your three characters so that you can use each one's unique abilities. There's a cooldown time that you must be aware of when switching to another class, preventing you from using the previous hero for roughly 15 seconds.

So, now that it's been confirmed that Gran Saga is an MMORPG, are you hoping for an English release?


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