Is Honkai: Star Rail on Steam?

Is Honkai Star Rail on Steam

With the release pinned for April 26, 2023, Honkai: Star Rail has all the makings of another big hit for HoYoverse. The makers of Genshin Impact are returning to the Honkai franchise but with the added twist of turn-based battles and an intergalactic scope. Coming to PC, Android, iOS and later to the PlayStation console, many gamers are wondering the following: Is Honkai: Star Rail on Steam? We will answer this question and clear any doubts.

Is Honkai: Star Rail coming to Steam?

Looking at the latest developments for Genshin Impact, a game that remains away from Valve's clutches since it released in September 2020, it's easy to wonder about the fate of Honkai: Star Rail. Many developers and publishers are considering exclusivity or timed release deals in Steam's main rival storefront Epic Games Store, as the Fortnite makers convince them with large amounts of money and smaller cuts.

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This is how Genshin Impact ended on the Epic Games Store starting June 2021, and the same happens with Honkai: Star Rail. Apparently, Epic Games was very adamant in getting HoYoverse's new game as a store exclusive, once again surpassing Steam.

But why isn't Honkai: Star Rail on Steam? Apart from the more enticing deal that Epic surely offered to secure the game's rights, Steam is known for taking a significant revenue cut from game purchases, 30%, although that percentage drops when the game hits a certain amount of sales. Still, when compared to Epic Games Store's cut (12%), the differences are significant and non-negligible.

This would answer the question “Is Honkai: Star Rail on Steam?” No, and it's unlikely that it will ever be, unless the game sees a massive player base drop after a couple of years and HoYoverse sees that as a good timing to get some extra players.

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