Noah’s Heart In-Game Time Guide | How to Check In-Game Hours and Weather

Noah's Heart In-Game Time Guide

Noah's Heart is an MMORPG with a ton of mechanics that aren't quite at plain sight. It takes a few hours to learn many of them and understand how these elements combine and help you progress in the story, leveling up and unlocking new content. One of the things that Dragon Raja fans will quickly notice is how this vast spherical open world brings a diversity of weather conditions and time of day, both playing an important role in the adventure. However, some players may not find the in-game time system entirely obvious to find, so we'll show you where it is in our Noah's Heart game time guide.

How to Check Noah's Heart In-Game Time and Weather

Noah's Heart In-Game Time How to Check Hours

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Sometimes the story will ask you to meet an NPC at a specific in-game time such as Logan. If you go to the marked location at any other time, he won't be there. This adds a layer of immersion to the game, as if the characters had their own schedules and endeavors – they don't, but at least it's something. Some Encounter adventures also ask you to wait for a certain time frame to advance, meaning that you need to get to grips with this system.

To access Noah's Heart in-game clock and check the AM and PM time you must click on the little weather icon on the top right area of the gameplay screen, right above the quest list and to the left of the current region name. A new screen will show up with the current weather conditions – usually valid for two in-game hours – and the weather forecast for the next 24 hours in the area.

Below the clock you can see the exact time in Noah's Heart, or Noah Time, given that you are in planet Noah, after all.

Can You Speed Up Time in Noah's Heart?

Noah's Heart In-Game Time Guide Can You Speed Up Time?

Being an MMO involving a large amount of simultaneous players, the short answer is no, you can't speed up time in Noah's Heart. An option to skip time in this game would cause a major paradox in the game world, messing things up for everyone else. This isn't Genshin Impact, after all, a single player game where you can skip time while adventuring solo, as it doesn't affect other players.

But don't worry, an hour in Noah's Heart is the equivalent of a few minutes, so there isn't much waiting to do even in those quests where you must hang around until an NPC decides to show up.

Hopefully this guide helped you learn how to check the time and weather in Noah's Heart. Look around for many more Noah's Heart guides.

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