Is There a Cookie Run Kingdom PC Version?

Cookie Run Kingdom PC

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the latest game in the Cookie Run series and it's a yummy proposition. With hundreds of cookies to collect and take into battle, it's a sugar-y RPG that mixes hero collector and building management into one delicious package. Alright, that was the last of the jokes, and now it's time to answer the pressing question in the headline: is there a Cookie Run Kingdom PC version, or are you limited to playing on the Android and iOS platforms?

Can You Play Cookie Run Kingdom on PC?

How to Play Cookie Run Kingdom on PC

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The acclaimed Cookie Run: Kingdom game is quite a hit, and despite the accomplished visuals and large roster of characters, it would surely perform better technically on PC. The makers of the game, Devsisters, have the experience and passion of their previous game Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and expanded the franchise with a visually stunning game that doesn't lack humor and in-depth gameplay mechanics.

Playing Cookie Run: Kingdom with a keyboard and mouse combination could improve the experience, thanks to superior controls and smoother gameplay that is brought by the superior system specifications.

Maybe you want to play Cookie Run: Kingdom on PC to enjoy the game even more than you are on mobile? This guide will tell you how to play Cookie Run Kingdom on PC.

Sadly, there is no official Cookie Run Kingdom PC client. The developers have created the game with Android and iOS only as the target platforms, and their choice was a wise one, as it is suited for these machines. However, keep reading to learn how to play Cookie Run on PC.

To play Cookie Run on PC, you must use an Android emulator such as Bluestacks, LDPlayer or Nox Player. This software has evolved a lot over the years and now nearly every Android game can be launched and played on PC this way. You just have to follow these instructions:

  • Download your Android emulator of choice
  • Run it on PC
  • Go to the Play Store and install Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Run the game
  • Use the emulator options to configure the keyboard and mouse controls to your liking
  • Enjoy!

Just one last note for the lack of official developer support for some games when running on an emulator. Still, you can always use your login and switch as you wish from mobile and PC, except for the very rare cases where the use of emulators is strictly forbidden. Otherwise, just enjoy playing Cookie Run on PC!

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