Kingdom The Blood Pledge Gift Codes List (July 2021)

Kingdom The Blood Pledge Gift Codes

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge (play free on PC here) has launched globally on July 14, 2021 and will put your skills to the test in brutal PvP combat. This ruthless MMORPG is going to place you in a battlefield where players from 150 countries face each other, in an open world that will remind veteran players of classic PC MMO games. No loading screens will ever come between you and your world exploration, as you travel across plains, forests, deserts, beaches, and more, while leaving a trail of blood in your wake. Hopefully the Kingdom The Blood Pledge gift codes below will help you become one of the strongest Warrior, Assassin, Mage or Ranger in this game.

Kingdom The Blood Pledge Gift Codes List

Kingdom The Blood Pledge Gift Codes List

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While you can team up with a few allies to take on big bosses and earn legendary gear, you should always be wary of treacherous players. It's always good to be on the strong side, so there's nothing like using our Kingdom The Blood Pledge coupon codes to get that precious head start.

  • VKRegistrationGF
  • DAOjishiD3
  • DAOjishi2D
  • DAOjishiD1

Hurry up redeeming any new code that shows up here, because we don't always know when they will stop working. To make sure, enter them exactly as they are written above, because the codes are case sensitive.

We'll keep adding new Kingdom The Blood Pledge codes to this list for as long as there is interest surrounding the game. Obviously, it won't be worthwhile checking the game's social media every day if the game turns out to be abandoned by everyone shortly after its global release.

How to Redeem Kingdom The Blood Pledge Codes

Wondering how to claim those free Kingdom: The Blood Pledge rewards? You have come to the right place because we have the redeeming guide right below. Follow the instructions as if your freebies depended on it, because they actually do.

  • Run Kingdom: The Blood Pledge
  • Click the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner
  • In the new menu, find and click the Redeem icon
  • Enter your gift code

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