Legend of YMIR Platforms | Which Platform is YMIR Wemade Coming To?

Legend of YMIR Platforms

The Wemade game Legend of YMIR is in some way a spiritual sequel or spin-off to the successful MMORPG Mir4. Announced with great humility via a tech demo in January 2022, this game is set to continue the studio's path into greatness, something that seems very possible due to its previous title. Moving to Unreal Engine 5 for the development of Legend of YMIR, Wemade could also be pushing the system requirements for this game. So, should gamers be scared that they need more powerful rigs in order to play this Norse mythology-inspired MMORPG? What are the targeted Legend of YMIR platforms?

What Platforms is Legend of YMIR Releasing On?

Legend of YMIR Platforms

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The first press release announcing Legend of YMIR didn't say much about the game. For example, the Legend of YMIR release date is something that the devs naturally didn't touch upon, only saying that it's coming in the near future, whatever that could mean.

But they did mention the goal of launching the game in a global build featuring cross-platform play. Those platforms were also revealed: you can expect to play Legend of YMIR on PC and mobile, which we're assuming includes both Android and iOS. Same as Mir4, the previous MMO game from the South Korean developer, so it's great that they're offering us more of a good thing.

While playing Legend of YMIR you'll be able to happily switch between PC and mobile with a single account, keeping your progress as you disconnect from one device and connect to the other. This has proved extremely important for the most devoted Mir4 players and will surely be very appreciated when the Legend of YMIR download becomes available globally.

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