Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Guide | Boss Raid Tips and Tricks

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Guide

Alberhastic is one of the various guardian bosses that you are going to face in Lost Ark. This is the final Raid Level 4 Guardian and quite a versatile one, having five different shapes and attack patterns that may leave you dazed and confused. The recommended item level for this battle is 1080, so make sure that you are strong enough to engage this boss. In this Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian guide we'll try to share some tips for you to defeat the shape-shifting boss guardian and claim those rewards, hopefully including some rare engraving books and cards.

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Guide and Tips

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Guide and Tips

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Sometimes known as Elberhastik or Elbergast from the fan translations based on the Russian version of Lost Ark, Alberhastic turned out to be the western name of this guardian boss. Just a curiosity in case you find out some info about this boss with the other names.

Starting with the white aura that the Alberhastic boss summons, you should immediately try to pick up the yellow orb that is crossing the screen. This is a debuff that is going to be very useful, as it will protect you from the attacks that are coming, especially because they may one-shot you. Make sure to avoid the other orbs that show up at the time.

When the boss has shifted to his shape with the prominent claws and creates the yellow aura, now you must take the white orb and avoid the others. As the boss creates the massive explosion, you should be fine because of the protection of the orb.

During one of the transformations where the Alberhastic has its wings and flies around, it is going to summon four blue tornadoes. As it lifts up and is about to smash the ground, you must go into one of these tornadoes so that you are projected upwards and safe from the ground smash.

Still during its winged shape, the Alberhastic guardian boss will lift up and summon projectiles from the sky. During this part you must stay underneath it so that you are protected, but you have to time your escape absolutely perfectly, or it is going to fall right on your head.

As for the rest of the battle and the more common mechanics, the Alberhastic is going to shoot its massive laser in your direction a few times, something that you can avoid just by moving around the boss. When it spawns orange orbs, destroy them and pick up the blue orbs for a nice damage reduction during the next few seconds.

The rest of the Alberhastic mechanics should pose no threat for you, so that covers the most complex parts. We hope this Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian guide helped you defeat this guardian boss.

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