Lost Ark Ghost Ship Location Guide

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Location

Ghost ship raids in Lost Ark will take you sailing the world in search for their locations. These weekly raids are appetizing because you can earn loot such as Destruction and Guardian Stones, as well as legendary and heroic seal books. But the best thing is that you can even get the Eibern's Wound ghost ship for yourself! So, no more waiting, let's get started with this Lost Ark ghost ship location guide.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Locations in World Map

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Locations in World Map

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First of all, new Lost Ark players must know how to unlock ghost ship raids. For this you need to reach item level 460 and unlock the continent of Rohendel.

Ghost ships aren't available every day – it's a weekly raid – but when the day has come, they spawn every hour. Your Procyon’s Compass is going to be very useful to track the spawn times of the ghost ships. There are three types of ghost ships with different item level requirements, which you can see below:

  • Ghost Ship 1: Shadow Ghost Ship – item level 960
  • Ghost Ship 2: Nightmare Ghost Ship – item level 460
  • Ghost Ship 3: Tempest Ghost Ship – item level 1370

The big question is where to find ghost ships in Lost Ark? As you can see in the world map above, the three ships spawn on the west side of Arkesia, and we've added numbers to help you easily differentiate each one.

And here are the potential rewards that you can get from ghost ship raids:

  • Ilyakhan Legendary Card
  • Unbound Destruction Stones
  • Unbound Guardian Stones
  • Bound Training Auxiliary Materials
  • Heroic Seal Book
  • Legendary Seal Book

That's the regular loot, so to speak. But how to get Eiburn’s Wound ghost ship? You start by accepting the daily quest titled Bleak Night Fog before embarking on a ghost ship raid, and must finish it 12 times. This means that it will take you 12 weeks to earn your ghost ship, because you can only complete this quest once per week. Complete the raid and defeat the boss to earn reputation points. Keep running raids until you earn enough reputation points to reach level 3, at which you will finally earn your  ghost ship, Eibern’s Wound.

We hope this Lost Ark Ghost Ship location guide cleared any doubts you might have regarding this raid. Don't forget to check our other Lost Ark guides.

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