Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Lost Ark may have an interesting main story quest for you to go through, but it also includes several hidden stories and hidden collectibles all over the map. Some of these are easy to find, but others are well hidden and may be even a little bit too twisted for their own good. Within this Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko seeds locations guide we're going to share with you all the spots where you can find this valuable seed.

All Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations

All Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations

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Mokoko seeds are collectible items that can be traded for points and then exchanged for rewards with an NPC found in Mokoko Village. Since you're going to stumble upon many of these seeds anyway, it's important to pick them up and spend some time looking around for the rest.

We'll start by covering Prideholme, a region where you can find nine Mokoko seeds and here are the exact spots, including two seeds that are hidden in a breaking fourth wall kind of location.

You can check our Prideholme map above with the exact locations of the nine seeds. Below you can find short descriptions of the spots where the seeds are, because some of them are actually very well concealed, like the best in a hide and seek game.

1. Next to the tree

2. Under the tree

3. In the middle of the wheat field

4. Next to the carriage

5. Near the lion statue

6. Next to the Plaza Bulletin Board and Tavern door

7. Hidden behind the vase next to the house, barely visible

8 and 9. Inside the Prideholme Cathedral behind a secret bug-like wall. Traverse the wall like it wasn't there and you'll begin walking on the black area of the screen. Following the direction that your character is facing: go forward, turn left, turn right (pick up the first Mokoko seed), turn slightly to the left and pick up the ninth and final Mokoko Seed.

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