Lost Ark Rethramis Hidden Stories Locations Guide

Lost Ark Rethramis Hidden Stories Locations Guide

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark is a massive and extremely polished MMORPG that has finally launched in the west. The years of waiting were entirely worth it because we have a game that is truly something special for fans of the genre. With a wealth of classes and content, there's always something to distract you from the main campaign, including hidden stories that are going to require your utmost attention to the tiniest piece of info on the screen. In this Lost Ark Rethramis hidden stories locations guide we're going to show you where you can trigger the anecdotes for this region.

Lost Ark Rethramis Hidden Story Locations

Lost Ark Rethramis Hidden Story Locations

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Lost Ark has many hidden stories spread across the various continents. These can be triggered by an item that is usually out of sight, hidden under a tree or unsuspectingly blending into the background. This guide is going to show you where the Lost Ark hidden story triggers are in the Rethramis continent.

Lost Ark Prideholme Hidden Story Locations

1. The Hidden Past of Varut
Prideholme Cathedral

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

You can find this hidden story inside the cathedral. Walk down the hall and investigate behind the screen, near the glass window. You're going to read “a faded letter”.

2. Korumba's Cat

Walk to the lower right area of the map and go to the left, near the small cottage. There's a tombstone to the left, investigate it for the “a well-maintained tombstone” message to appear.

3. Sunflowers for my Love 1/3

Look for the cozy little home in the lower area of the map, on the right, with the wooden mail box and the vine covering the entrance door. Investigate this vine until the “a vine for a cozy little home message” appears.

4. Sunflowers for my Love 3/3

Back to the same cozy home where this hidden story chain started. This time investigate the sunflowers near the mail box for the “a tall sunflower” message.

Lost Ark Loghill Hidden Story Locations

Lost Ark Loghill Hidden Story Locations

1. A Knight in Shining Armor 1/3
Koish Valley

On the top center path of the map, right above Traveler's Nook and near the Repairer, investigate the rope for the “a letter in the sun” message.

2. Sunflowers for my Love 2/3

On the lower left side of the map, you can find some sunflowers near the bridge and abandoned cart. Investigate the sunflowers for a “seeds like I picked as a child” message.

Lost Ark Rethramis Border Hidden Story Locations

1. A Knight in Shining Armor 3/3
Makeshift Infirmary

Go to the Makeshift Infirmary and investigate between the rocks and the cart for the “medicinal herbs” message.

2. Burnt with Love
Rethramis Border

On the lower left part of the map you'll find a burning chariot and more flames to its left. Walk right into these flames and investigate to “reach through the flames” and trigger the hidden story.

3. The Cursed Grave Keeper

Go to the graveyard and move to the top right part of this area. Investigate near the graves for the “ominous letters appear” message.

Lost Ark Ankumo Mountain Hidden Story Locations

Lost Ark Ankumo Mountain Hidden Story Locations

1. The Truth of a Drunk
Old Cathedral Ruins

Go to the lower half of the map where the Old Cathedral Ruins are located. Investigate the vegetation near the pillar to the right, the one with the barrel. You're going to find “a partially-burned letter”.

2. A Knight in Shining Armor 2/3
Ankumo Mountain

Go to the bottom of the map, right near the portal to Loghill. Go near the wounded and the trees on the left and investigate for the “a letter under the maple tree” message.

We hope this Lost Ark Rethramis Hidden Stories locations guide has helped you in your quest for finding every hidden mission in Lost Ark.

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Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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