Lost Light Gift Codes List and Redemption Guide

Lost Light Gift Codes List

NetEase is working on Lost Light, a new third-person survival shooter in the style of DayZ. The beta launched in a few select countries and 2022 should bring the official global launch, so you should keep it an eye out for it if you're a fan of action games. Under development for Android and PC, Lost Light is one more game that features a redeem code system to give attentive players a few boosts now and then. Here you can find a Lost Light gift codes list and how to redeem those codes.

Lost Light Gift Codes List

Lost Light Gift Codes List

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Featuring realistic firearms and a customization system where you mix and match components to create countless combinations, Lost Light isn't a straightforward shooter. It requires a tactical approach in the battlefield and a cool head to make it out alive. Learn the environment and use it to your advantage, and with the help of our Lost Light codes wiki you may get that much desired boost over the competition.

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Please note that some Lost Light redeem codes may expire quickly, so it's important that you redeem them immediately as they are listed. If a code isn't working anymore, there's a big chance that the expiration date has come or that the limit of redeems was reached.

You can bookmark this page to keep track of new Lost Light gift codes, and you also can check the game's official social media. You may be lucky and spot a new code as it is revealed on Facebook or Discord, for example.

How to Redeem Lost Light Gift Codes

You can redeem your Lost Light codes outside of the game, since there's a special redeeming page in the official website. We'll show you exactly where and how you can claim your Lost Light coupon codes.

  • Go to the official Lost Light redemption center page
  • Enter the Verification Code
  • Choose the server where you're playing
  • Enter your NID (account number) – you can find it in your character's basic info
  • Press Confirm
  • Enter your Lost Light code in the next window and tap Redeem Now
  • Go to your in-game message box to claim your rewards

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